Recent FOIA Requests – March 2020

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during March 2020. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Tracking Number Requester's Name Requester's Organization Request Description Received Date
2020-000176 Clay Keys   A copy of the following FOIAs and the agency's response: FOIA/PA-2013-00237 and FOIA/PA-2013-00273 02/28/2020
2020-000177 Michael Ayele Association For The Advancement of Civil Liberties Submission of questions pertaining to a variety of different matters that does not fall within NRC's responsibility 03/02/2020
2020-000178 Amy Rosmarin   A copy of all the Exhibits that the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) reviewed and/or created in the process of investigating and writing its report, "Concerns Pertaining to Gas Transmission Lines at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant" Case No. 16-024 03/02/2020
2020-000179 Amy Rosmarin   A copy of all emails, notes, memos, texts and letters that the person identified in the OIG report, "Concerns Pertaining to Gas Transmission Lines at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant" (Case No. 16-024) as the Physical Scientist, received from anyone in the NRC, related to his work analyzing the risk associated with the Algonquin Incremental Market pipeline 03/02/2020
2020-000180 Michael Ravnitzky   A copy of all email and letter correspondence between the NRC and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission concerning the Indian Point nuclear power station and nearby high pressure gas pipelines, for time period December 1, 2019 to the present 03/02/2020
2020-000181 Douglas D. Johnson   Copies of all records held by any staff of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, that were created, received, modified, or forwarded during the period September 27, 2019 through October 31, 2019, inclusive, pertaining to an incursion of drones within the base parameter surrounding the Palo Verde nuclear generating station in Arizona 03/02/2020
2020-000182 Michael Ayele Association For The Advancement of Civil Liberties Appeal the administrative closure of the submission of questions pertaining to a variety of different matters that does not fall within NRC's responsibility (NRC-2020-000177) 03/03/2020
2020-000183 Anne Roecklein   Any records related to Alan Kurt Roecklein (deceased) employment and service at the NRC, including dates, job titles, and locations of service, duties performed (particularly related to work like Three Mile Island and the 9/11 Incident Response Center), and any awards or commendations that he received for his public service 03/04/2020
2020-000184 Brittany Boser   A copy of NRC/DNFSB (Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board) OIG report Case Number CD18 004 03/04/2020
2020-000185 Nick Maxwell   A copy, without redactions, of ADAMS accession number ML20055E102, specifically, a memo with subject "Summary of Site Visit for Holtec CISF Project Cultural Resources Tribal Consultation (2043259.02), Lea County, New Mexico" 03/05/2020
2020-000186 Jeremy Brent Johnson   A copy of the letter sent to inform named individual of their license termination from Brunswick Nuclear Plant 03/05/2020
2020-000187 Dr. Andrew Spencer Fermi 2 – DTE Energy Access to the audio files associated with FOIA request NRC-2017-00555, "Recording of a telephone conversation between the Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant (CNP) and the NRC Headquarters Operation Office (HOO) at about 310 hours on March 30, 2017, in which Indiana Michigan Power Company reported an Unusual Event in CNP Unit 1 due to loss of Control Room Annunciators" 03/05/2020
2020-000188 Billie Pirner Garde Clifford & Garde, LLP The complete investigative file in the Office of Investigation (OI) report numbers 2-2018-033 and 2-2019-015, regarding retaliation allegations made by two former TVA employees, and all documents supporting OI's determination that TVA discriminated against the two employees in violation of the NRC's "Employee Protection" regulation, 10 CFR 50.7 03/06/2020
2020-000189 Stephen Henderson   A copy of named individual's Generic Fundamentals Examination (GFE) taken at Brown's Ferry Nuclear Plant at the end of 2006 or the beginning of 2007 03/06/2020
2020-000190 Yongjin Ahn University of Southern California Information on the number of employees furloughed in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission during the 2013 and 2018-2019 government shutdown. I request both the furlough numbers and the total number of employees on board 03/09/2020
2020-000191 Elyssa Schwendy Langan Files associated with SNM-1460 (Westinghouse Electric Company in Pittsburgh/Churchill, PA), we are interested to know the status of this license; if when it was closed out (if it has been closed) 03/09/2020
2020-000192 Michael Ravnitzky   A copy of the list/listing/printout of the category of documents known as "Event Inquiry" in the Office of the Inspector General 03/09/2020
2020-000193 Steve Dorsey CBS News Appeal the denial of the full report/narratives/raw data for NRC Office of the Inspector General (OIG) hotline allegations #19 08520 & #20 08704, and any details/documents on their disposition, based on pressing public health and safety interests at this nuclear facility (NRC-2020-000168) 03/11/2020
2020-000194 Michael Aguirre Aguirre & Severson LLP Records and communications related to the NRC's inspectors' observations during the initial dry cask runs starting in January 2018; related to the initial shim design used by SCE, the NRC's observations and inspections of the unapproved design, and the results of the review and inspection; related to the multiple phone calls between the NRC and high-ranking SCE officials regarding a nuclear waste storage canister's near-dropping on August 3rd; and details of searches that resulted in a no records response to NRC-2020-000169 03/12/2020
2020-000195 Michael Ravnitzky   Copy of each email in the email account of NRC Physical Scientist - Seshagiri "Rao" Tammara - that contains the phrase "Indian Point", between June 1, 2019 and the present 03/13/2020
2020-000196 Michael Ravnitzky   A copy of the final report, Report of investigation and closing memo, as applicable, for each of the following NRC Office of the Inspector General (OIG) closed investigations: C-16-016, C-16-021, C-17-013, C-17-025, C-17-028, C-18-003, C-18-010, C-18-012, and C-19-012 03/13/2020
2020-000197 Deena K. Mueller-Funke Phillips Lytle LLP Copies of all records that pertain to the following: All FOIA requests from any of the individuals or entities listed on the Exhibit A provided, submitted to NRC since January 1, 2012, pertaining to radiation or radioactivity, or slag, in Niagara County, New York or Grand Island, Erie County, New York; and FOIA requests 2018-000306, 2016-000420, 2016-000432 and 2017-000175 03/16/2020
2020-000198 Shirlyn Edwards Reina and Bates Law Group

The complete immigration file for named individual

2020-000199 Nataliya Gerasimova Norwegian School of Economics A list of correspondences between the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and members of Congress and their offices. Specifically, what Congressional offices contacted the Nuclear Regulatory Commission from 01/01/2001 to 12/31/2019 03/18/2020
2020-000200 Billie Pirner Garde Clifford & Garde, LLP Any and all documentation regarding communications and meetings between the NRC and TVA staff, associated with the NRC's follow-up inspection of the November 11, 2015 Watts Bar Unit 1 pressurizer water level excursion event, as specified, including all supporting documents to the Office of Investigation Report No 2-2016-042 03/19/2020
2020-000201 Billie Pirner Garde Clifford & Garde, LLP Records pertaining to a TVA Special Review Team (SRT) Investigation Report, and pertaining to a TVA Employee Concerns Program (ECP) Investigation Report, finding a chilled work environment at Watts Bar, submitted by TVA to the NRC on March 24, 2016, including all supporting documents to the Office of Investigation Report No. 2-2016-042 03/19/2020
2020-000202 Michael Ravnitzky   A copy of each Management Advisory, Management Advisory Memorandum, and Management Advisory Report produced by the NRC Office of Inspector General since January 1, 2017; a printout of the listing of Management Advisories, Management Advisory Memoranda, and Management Advisory Reports issued by NRC OIG since January 1, 2010 03/23/2020
2020-000203 Kevin Chirles Black Viper Technologies As much available information on the winning proposal response documents of Oasis Systems to RFP nrc-hq-10-14-t-0001 and of Business Integra Solutions to RFP nrc-hq-10-16-c-0003 03/23/2020
2020-000204 Tim Lao   Copy of RFP submission for award of NRC Employee Fitness Services Program contract # NRCH Q8416COOO 1 03/23/2020

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