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Recent FOIA Requests – June 2020

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during June 2020. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Tracking Number Requester's Name Requester's Organization Request Description Received Date
2020-000247 Jamshid Ebadi Crowe LLP Most recent records pertaining to any of the following types of unliquidated obligations:  unpaid check, unreconciled checks, unclaimed checks, undelivered checks, outstanding credit balances, and checks exempt from unclaimed property reporting, as specified 06/03/2020
2020-000248 Michael Markley   All official NRC records related to the following Office of the Inspector General (OIG) report in NUREG-1415, Volume 34, No. 1 (Agencywide Document Access and Management System Accession No. ML20147A661): NRC Manager's Actions Precludes Staff from Engaging in Non-Concurrence Process 06/04/2020
2020-000249 Dale Yeilding   The entire Office of the Inspector General (OIG) case file and any management response to OIG Case #20-003 06/09/2020
2020-000250 Reagan S. Redman Appian Corporation Request for the following contracts and their related order forms:  31310018F0087, NRCHQ13O100002, NRCHQ4014O0001, 31310019C0024, NRCHQ4017C0009, NRCHQ13A100015, 31310018A0004 06/09/2020
2020-000251 Michael Ravnitzky   Appeal the withholding in part of records responsive to NRC-2020-000225 06/10/2020
2020-000252 Michael Ravnitzky   Appeal the withholding in part of records responsive to NRC-2020-000206 06/10/2020
2020-000253 Ron Hartke   Historical Performance Work Statement (PWS)/Statement of Work (SOW) for existing contract – NRCHQ4016C0002, and for existing contract, who is currently assigned: PM (program manager), COR (customer of record), POC (point of contact), CO (contract officer), and CS (contract specialist) 06/18/2020
2020-000254 Brian Libgober Yale University Information about NRC's policies regarding ex parte meetings during rulemaking, as specified 06/19/2020
2020-000255 Kay Sieverding   A user manual for the Legal Information Office Network System (LIONS) 06/23/2020
2020-000256 Rosa Santo FOIA Group Inc. Copy of the contract title page (1st page only) and the current Statement of Work/Performance Work Statement (SOW/PWS), no pricing, [Reference FGI# 20-69104G] Relevant to GS00Q17NSD3009 Task Order 31310020F0045 06/23/2020
2020-000257 Andrew Snyder Colliers International Government Solutions Team A data summary of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission direct leased real property inventory, as specified 06/23/2020
2020-000258 Thomas Devine Government Accountability Project Records regarding civil nuclear cooperation with Middle Eastern countries 06/25/2020
2020-000259 Clayton Marsh Clayton S. Marsh, Esq. Purchase Order NRCHQ1017P0021 and all modifications thereto, from 09-01-17 through the present 06/26/2020
2020-000260 Clayton Marsh Clayton S. Marsh, Esq. Purchase Order 31310018P0054 and all modifications thereto, from 08-01-18 through the present 06/26/2020
2020-000261 Clayton Marsh Clayton S. Marsh, Esq. Purchase Order 31310019P0022 and all modifications thereto, from 06-01-19 through the present 06/26/2020
2020-000262 Lawrence Criscione   ML18080A044, ML18081A607, ML18081A608 and ML18081A609 06/29/2020
2020-000263 Kate Mishkin   Any and all inspections, memoranda and/or commission communication regarding the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant and its decommissioning between Jan. 1, 2012 and June 29, 2020 06/29/2020
2020-000264 Jalen Benjamin Environment Risk Information Services Complete and exhaustive list of sites (active and inactive) that store radioactive materials subject to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, from as far as possible or 01/01/1980 to the current date 06/29/2020

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