Recent FOIA Requests – March 2019

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during March 2019. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Description FOIA/PA Number
Documents pertaining to the NRC’s Office of Investigations Case No. 4-2017-022, specifically, I request the final Report of Investigation and the associated interview transcripts in that case 2019-000248
All FOIA requests and those responses related to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (HPNS) made in or after 2009; all documents related to the procurement and execution  of all contracts and agreements with Tetra Tech entities related to contamination survey, testing, analysis, remediation, or conveyance of HPNS;  all documents related to communications with or work performed by Tetra Tech, Inc., and any of its employees, regarding remediation of HPNS; and all documents related to communication from any individual or company reporting alleged misconduct, fraud, illegal activities, or improper remediation at HPNS 2019-000247
Specified records related to the Holtec International application to NRC for a license to build and operate a consolidated interim spent fuel storage facility in Lea County, New Mexico, to be declared agency records and released to the public 2019-000246
All records of communication between the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Southern California Edison related to the NRC’s decision and implementation of decision to attend the March 28, 2019 Community Engagement Panel in Laguna Hills, California 2019-000245
For 2017, 2018, and 2019, all budget materials or plans applicable to offices responsible for processing and response to FOIA requests and appeals; for 2017 and 2018, staffing reports and plans, including the count of employee numbers and for offices responsible for processing and responses to FOIA requests and appeals submitted to this Bureau and its offices; all staffing reports and plans for 2019; contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers (if available), for each FOIA officer currently tasked with an open public records request; and for 2017 and 2018, the designated category of each requester of a FOIA request and the number of fee waivers granted by this office, if available, the tracking numbers for the FOIA requests to which waivers were granted, and any report capturing the total estimated processing and copy fees quoted to FOIA requesters and the total processing and copy fees collected by this Bureau from each fee category 2019-000244
Records produced in NRC-2019-000034 2019-000243
Updated electronic list and details for sites in possession/use of radioactive materials regulated by NRC 2019-000242
Appeal the denial of expedited processing and challenges the Commercial fee category (NRC-2019-000239) 2019-000241
Figures and images for unredacted version of 8205180484, LD-82-054, Statistical Combination of Uncertainties, Combination of System Parameter Uncertainties in Thermal Margin Analyses for SYSTEM 80, Year 1982, Volume May 2019-000240
All records of communications from November 29, 2018 to present between any agent, officer or employee of Southern California Edison and any agent, officer or employee of the NRC regarding the subject matter of the March 25, 2019 meeting: the NRC's "enforcement decisions regarding the Special Inspections conducted by the NRC to evaluate an August 3, 2018 incident involving a loaded spent fuel storage canister that was misaligned and became stuck on a metal flange while being lowered into a storage vault" 2019-000239
Any and all documents in the NRC's possession created by the NRC or received from any other federal or state agency, between February 11, 2016 (the date NRC's OI Report No. 1-2014-018, "TETRA TECH EC, INC. FALSIFICATION OF SOIL SAMPLE SURVEY RECORDS," was provided to Tetra Tech) and the date of this request, concerning the Tetra Tech radiological fraud at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco, California 2019-000238
Any and all records relating to the abatement, presence, application, installation, complaints and/or claims, and identifying the sellers, manufacturers, or suppliers, of any asbestos-containing materials and products in facilities and/or in conjunction with equipment located at American Cyanamid, Tremley Point Road, Linden, New Jersey, from 1948 to 1950 2019-000237
Any and all records relating to the abatement, presence, application, installation, complaints and/or claims, and identifying the sellers, manufacturers, or suppliers, of any asbestos-containing materials and products in facilities and/or in conjunction with equipment located at the following locations:  Ravenswood Powerhouse, Vernon Blvd., Long Island City, NY, from 1960 to 1990; Astoria Powerhouse, Astoria, NY, from 1960 to 2000; Waterside Powerhouse, Manhattan, NY, from 1960 to 1970; and Hellgate Powerhouse, Bronx, NY, from 1960 to 1970 2019-000236
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Real Property Efficiency Plan FY2019-FY2023, and the supporting excel/pdf sheets of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Owned and Leased Warehouse and Office Assets planned for disposal/reduction 2019-000235
Homestak Mining Co Grants Reclamation Project Borrow Investigation, w/three oversize drawings (ADAMS accession number 9409230309, package number 9409230307A, Microform Address: 81056:002-81057:165) 2019-000234
Any and all records relating to the abatement, presence, application, installation, complaints and/or claims, and identifying the sellers, manufacturers, or suppliers, of any asbestos-containing materials and products in facilities and/or in conjunction with equipment located at the following locations:  Nine Miles Point Power Plant, Scriba, New York, from 1970-1981; James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant, 269 Lake Road, Oswego, NY, from 1970-1980; and Niagara Mohawk Steam Station, Oswego, NY, from 1971 2019-000233
Any communications between PG&E [Pacific Gas and Electric Company] and the NRC concerning the difference of opinion between the PG&E appointed SSHAC [Senior Seismic Hazard Analysis Committee] Report peer review panel and the Diablo Canyon Independent Peer Review Panel appointed by the California Public Utility Commission 2019-000232
Names and contact details, including email address of any/all person(s) who are involved in the decision making-process for the Procurement of Telecoms and IT Hardware and Services for your organization (e.g. Procurement, IT, Sustainability roles) 2019-000231
Any and all documents (correspondence with all attachments, emails with all attachments, reports with all attachments, memos with all attachments, and the like) related to ethylene oxide regulations, ambient air testing, or use of ethylene oxide in sterilization of medical equipment, from January 1, 1980 to March 10, 2019 2019-000230
All documents related to named individual's meeting with officials from NRC between February 8-10, 2012 2019-000229
All materials, documents, or communications pertaining to Section 7 consultations that have been or may be conducted related to power plant operations/construction at Turkey Point, including but not limited to any documents concerning the extent to which take of American Crocodiles has been, or may be, authorized through that process; and any documents or materials or communications pertaining to the obligations for Florida Power & Light company (FPL) related to any taskings of the American Crocodile at Turkey Point 2019-000228
Any and all information including, but not limited to, any drafts, reports, texts, papers, data, and/or appendices that (U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) relied on in developing and producing its report on alluvial groundwater background levels at the Grants homestake Mill Site in Cibola County, NM, that USGS prepared for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from the 2016 sampling event at the Grants Homestake Mill Site 2019-000227
Any and all documents or correspondence between the Atomic Energy Commission and named individual of Columbia University’s Lamont Earth Observatory in the date range of 1952 to 1956 2019-000226
Any document in which named individual is specified for any reason, which would have been generated by a named former employee 2019-000225
All documents released by the NRC in connection with FOIA No. 2019-00180 ("Copy of an un-redacted version of the Report of Investigation (ROI) No. 4-2017-020, and the transcripts of the Office of Investigation (OI) witness interviews") 2019-000224
Any documents of nuclear testing in any region of the Pacific Ocean or any regions in California and or Arizona 2019-000223
The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) investigative report C17-013, and the Office of Investigation (OI) report 2-2015-023 2019-000222
A copy of the document at, Categories of sensitive internal information 2019-000221
SECY-16-0079 2019-000220
Senior Reactor Operator License issued in 1980 at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority in Chattanooga Tennessee 2019-000219
All information regarding Entergy's Palisades security guards' falsification of safety inspections for missed fire watches, and all information regarding Exelon-owned Braidwood tritium leak and contamination 2019-000218
FOIA Case Log, Appeal Log, and Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) Log for calendar year 2018 (if your agency operates off of a fiscal year, that is also ok) 2019-000217
Copy of NRC investigation report 1-2004-006 2019-000216
A copy of the Web-Based Licensing (WBL) system database 2019-000215
Report of Investigation Report 70-1193/74-09 from December 16, 1974 2019-000214
Memorandum for J. Larkins from J. Murphy, "Proposed Resolution of GSI-15, 'Radiation Effects on Reactor Pressure Vessel Supports,'" June 22, 1994. [9407140032]; and Memorandum for J. Taylor from D. Morrison, "Resolution of Generic Safety Issue 15, 'Radiation Effects on Reactor Vessel Supports,'" May 29, 1996. [9606190081] 2019-000213
FOIA log for 2018 2019-000212
All documents related to named individual's attendance at the Nuclear Energy Agency Policy Group on Multinational Design Evaluation Programme in 2012 2019-000211
All records pertaining to the Office of Investigations (OI) Case No. 4-2017-020 and the NRC Enforcement Action (EA) 18-037 2019-000210
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Wilmington district documents related to the General Electric/Global Nuclear Fuels Facility, Hilton Prop. Ltd. Partnership Parcels, and Hilton Prop. LP Sand Mine 2019-000209

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