Recent FOIA Requests – August 2019

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during August 2019. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Tracking Number Requester's Name Requester's Organization Request Description Received Date
2019-000386 Theresa Davis Albuquerque Journal The June 19, 2019, letter from New Mexico state land commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard that was sent to Holtec International and CC'd to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and any materials related to an investigation by the NRC into Holtec International that was opened after Garcia Richard accused Holtec of making statements that "mislead federal regulators and the public alike" regarding Holtec's proposed consolidated interim storage facility in Lea County, New Mexico, as well as the results of that investigation by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission 08/05/2019
2019-000387 Chris Carlucci EMC Solutions LLC A copy of the FOIA request, NRC-2018-000557, and the response to the request (description:  an updated copy of any and all outstanding/stale dated check lists, which may also be known as Limited Payability Cancellation Report of refunds and credits.  (Undeliverable checks) specifically the undeliverable funds due individuals, businesses and vendor checks for fiscal year 2014-2018) 08/05/2019
2019-000388 Ron Wheeler   Request NRC BWR [Boiling Water Reactor] GFE [Generic Fundamentals Examination] Exams for September 2018 and March 2019 08/06/2019
2019-000389 Clay Keys   FOIA/PA-2011-00135, 2014-00052, and copy of Inspector General’s investigation report 13-046 08/06/2019
2019-000390 Robert Leyse   Requesting that the specified list of INPO, NSAC and NSAC/INPO documents compiled from NEDO-33262 be placed in the PDR [Public Document Room] for access by the public.  The public needs these documents in order to assess NEDO-33262 08/07/2019
2019-000391 Donald Smith Arcadis US, Inc. Any available records pertaining to CoorsTek/Coors Porcelain located at 600 Ninth Street in Golden, Colorado 08/09/2019
2019-000392 Sana Memon Corporate Research and Investigations Ltd. Background screening and the release of records of named individual 08/09/2019
2019-000393 Michael Ravnitzky   A copy of the Records Management self-assessment report for each federal agency. You may limit this request to the most recent self-assessment reporting year available 08/09/2019
2019-000394 Stephen Cima   A copy of the USNRC license listing named individual as the Radiation Safety Officer (ML023020158) 08/12/2019
2019-000395 Ryan Hood   What is the latest Space Force nuclear reactor ratings? How much nuclear can they handle at this point? Have they fired their first nuke yet? How many gigawatts? How is this different in the space based environment? How much reactor fire inventory do they have? Do they have all the gear they need? What about their CBT training levels for fighting a Chernobyl level fire? How are they doing? How is this different from the ARMY and NAVY? 08/12/2019
2019-000396 Bobby Bermudez Symposit LLC The Statement of Work (SOW) for the Meta System Help Desk contract NRC-HQ-13-T-33-0001, a contract awarded to AQIWO, INC 08/12/2019
2019-000397 Susan Forrester   Copy of named individual’s May 1942 dissertation 08/12/2019
2019-000398 Sabine Claessens SCK.CEN Copy of NUREG/CR-4481 - NUREG/CR-4205 and BMI-NUREG-1991 08/14/2019
2019-000399 Ken Armstrong ProPublica Records providing the dates of any training sessions provided to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission by the Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation (LSI); financial records related to this training, showing, for example, any registration fees and related expenses paid for the training; any records pertaining to which employees received the training and why; records regarding any employee’s request for, or statement of interest in, this training; and any records summarizing or detailing what was learned during the training and how it might be used going forward 08/15/2019
2019-000400 Dr. Ana Maria M Abreu Velez   “The total amount paid by the Agency in US and world-wide to and other named distributions companies under the table including Gilead Sciences Inc., (global DUNS Number: 185049848), for HIV, and Hepatitis medications in the last 20 years” 08/15/2019
2019-000401 Joseph Sullivan Litchfield Cavo LLP Copies of all records relating to use of asbestos insulation at Zion Nuclear Power Plant in Zion, IL, Braidwood Generating Station in Braceville, IL, and LaSalle County Generating Station in Marseilles, IL; asbestos abatement records (1965-1985) for Zion Nuclear Power Plant in Zion, IL, Braidwood Generating Station in Braceville, IL, and Dresden Power Plant in Morris, IL; List of approved contractors for the above mentioned facilities (1964-1985); all records specific to named individual; any and all records regarding radiation readings (dulcimer); and any excess radiation readings/reports/warnings generally from 1970-1999 08/15/2019
2019-000402 Tristan Waldron   Any email, including attachments, sent or received by the office from any address with the email domain, and correspondence sent or received by the office in communication with Senator Elizabeth Warren, for time period 01/01/2013 to present 08/20/2019
2019-000403 Maria Severson Aguirre & Severson, LLP Documentation and raw data, analysis, spreadsheets, etc. on which the NRC relied when reaching the finds as to the safety of the canisters at San Onofre 08/21/2019
2019-000404 Maria Severson Aguirre & Severson, LLP All contracts, acquisitions, awards, appropriations or grants relating to named individual’s, Cameron Grey, LLC, Talisman International, LLC, Enercom, and The Zero Gravity Group 08/21/2019
2019-000405 Ashelea Arzado Corporate Research and Investigations Ltd. Copy of named individuals' license and employment verification 08/21/2019
2019-000406 Samantha Sederquest Envirosite Corporation The updated electronic list and details for only retired sites in possession/use of radioactive materials regulated by NRC 08/22/2019
2019-000407 Jessie Mannisto   Records from 2017 to 2019 filed by Ur-Energy, a Wyoming-based uranium mining company, in compliance with 10 CFR 40.23.  Specifically, records showing the location of all scheduled stops in United States territory, per § 40.23 (2) (i) 08/22/2019
2019-000408 Sana Memon Corporate Research and Investigations Ltd Employment verification of named individual 08/28/2019
2019-000409 Lyla Gray-Etherson Property Solutions, Inc. Any documentation on what materials are, or have been utilized or stored at Flex - R&D Building and Hittman Materials & Medical Components, Inc., 9190 Red Branch Road, Columbia, Howard County, MD 21045, as well as any compliance documentation 08/28/2019
2019-000410 Jeremy Munson   All documents related to named individual desk audit, specifically (but not limited to) emails or other correspondence pertaining to this audit, its findings, potential outcomes, and ultimate decisions 08/28/2019

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