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Director's Decisions on Completed Petitions for 2018

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DD No. Subject Docket Number License Number Petition ADAMS/NUDOCS Accession Number
DD-18-03 2.206 Petition Requesting Action Related to AREVA Le Creusot Forge and Japan Casting and Forging Corporation Components 50-368, 50-334, 50-445, 50-302, 50-348, 50-368, 50-336, 50-338, 50-339, 50-282, 50-306, 50-327, 50-498, 50-499, 50-335, 50-280, 50-395, and 50-390 DPR-42, DPR-60
NPF-6, DPR-66
NPF-4, NPF-7
DPR-32, NPF-87
NPF-12, NPF-2
NPF-8, NPF-76
NPF-80, DPR-77
NPF-90, NPF-65
DPR-67, DPR-72
DD-18-02 Davy Crocket Depleted Uranium M101 Spent Rounds 2.206 Petition Regarding Pohakuloa Training Area 40-9083 SUC-1593 ML18122A325
DD-18-01 Braidwood and Byron Stations 2.206 Petition Regarding High Energy Line Break STN 50-454, 50-455, 50-456, and 50-457 NPF-37, NPF-66, NPF-72, and NPF-77 ML17040A299
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