Administrative Letters

Transmittals to inform addressees of specific regulatory or administrative information or to clarify this information. Note: Discontinued in September 1999 .

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Administrative Letters were a type of generic communication issued to inform addressees of

  1. (a) administrative procedural changes related to implementation of NRC regulations or NRC staff positions;
    (b) the issuance of a topical report evaluation or a document that is not technical in nature, does not contain a new or revised staff position, or is inappropriate for inclusion in either a generic letter or an information notice; or
    (c) changes in NRC internal procedures or organizations;
  2. a request for licensees to voluntarily submit information of an administrative nature that will assist NRC in the performance of its functions;
  3. events of interest such as workshops or Regulatory Information Conferences; or
  4. other purposes of a strictly administrative nature.

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