For the Record - 2006

The NRC responds to information on controversial issues or to significant media reports that could be misleading. This site will also be used to respond to large write-in campaigns more efficiently. For more information, Contact a Public Affairs Officer.

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11/27/2006Statement from NRC for NBC Nightly News on Sensitive Information
11/27/2006Summary of NRC's Review of the Recent Security Issues at the South Texas Project Nuclear Power Plant
10/13/2006 Letter to the Editor, Seattle Post-Intelligencer on Potassium Iodide
09/07/2006Letter to the Editor, Boston Globe, responding to a September 10 story on security
08/07/2006Letter to the editor of Hampton Union and Portsmouth Herald on Seabrook Fine
03/29/2006Letter from Chairman Nils J. Diaz to Senator Norm Coleman responding to concerns expressed during the March 28, 2006 hearing held by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Letter provides information on NRC's regulation of radioactive sources, including information on requirements implemented since 9/11, to enhance security and control of radioactive sources
03/22/2006Summary of NRC's Review of the Recent Security Issues at the Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant
02/17/2006Letter to the San Francisco Chronicle on Spent Fuel Transport
01/23/2006NRC comment on the Jan. 22, 2006 "West Wing" nuclear accident episode