For the Record - 2005

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11/30/2005Letter to Newsday on License Renewal
11/14/2005 Letter to GSN Magazine on Evacuations
10/12/2005NRC's Letter to ABC on the Security of Research Reactors
09/14/2005Letter to the Editor, Business Week, re Possible Nuclear Plant Accident Effects
09/02/2005Letter to the Editor, Asbury Park Press, re Oyster Creek License Renewal
06/14/2005Letter to the Editor, Time Magazine
05/25/2005Letter to the Editor, The Blade
04/23/2005Letter to the Editor of the Brattleboro Reformer
04/15/2005Letter to the Editor, The Washington Post
03/21/2005Letter to the Editor, Suffolk Life (Amityville Edition)
02/15/2005The Fox program "24" is dramatic fiction. Nuclear power plants in the United States have redundant safety systems and several very robust physical barriers as well as well-established emergency plans that help ensure people living near these plants are kept safe.
01/31/2005Fox Television's Jan. 31, "24" program airs a plot centered around the use of a "black box" that could remotely operate all 104 U.S. nuclear power plants via the Internet. For the record, there is no such black box or suitcase for controlling nuclear power plants. Control systems at the plants are not accessible via the Internet.