For the Record - 2004

The NRC responds to information on controversial issues or to significant media reports that could be misleading. This site will also be used to respond to large write-in campaigns more efficiently. For more information, Contact a Public Affairs Officer.

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11/16/2004Response to Questions About Wackenhut and Public Access to Security Results
10/29/2004Comments on the Briefing Paper from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) on Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Trolley Drop
10/01/2004Chairman's Letter to Congressman Markey on Force-on-Force Exercises at Nuclear Power Plants
09/30/2004EDO Letter to POGO on Adversary Force for Security Drills at Nuclear Power Plants
09/28/2004Chairman's Letter to The Plain Dealer on Davis-Besse
09/02/2004The NRC has aggressively met the post 9-11 threat to ensure nuclear plants are as safe as possible. Letter to the Editor: Wilmington (N.C.) Star News 8/28/2004
05/19/2004NRC Comments on Draft GAO Report (GAO-04-415) Regarding Davis-Besse
04/21/2004Chairman's Second Response to "Eye on Wackenhut"
03/29/2004NRC Response to Letters Regarding a Proposed Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation at Indian Point
02/05/2004Chairman's Response to "Eye on Wackenhut"