Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste (ACNW&M) 2007 Letter Reports

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Date Title
11/30/2007 Total System Performance Assessment Code Version 5.1
11/30/2007 Regulatory Guide Revision
11/27/2007 Review of Draft Regulatory Guide 4012
11/26/2007 NUREG-1854, "NRC Staff Guidance for Activities Related to U.S. Department of Energy Waste Determinations - Draft Final Report for Interim Use"
11/20/2007 Proposed Rulemaking to Prevent Legacy Sites
10/11/2007 Regulation of Advanced Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing and Refabrication Facilities
10/02/2007 NRC Plans for Monitoring Disposal Actions for Waste Incidental to Reprocessing at U.S. Department of Energy Facilities at the Idaho National Laboratory and Savannah River Sites
10/01/2007 Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLW) Minimization Strategies and Views on Commercial LLW Management
09/25/2007 Engagement with the International Commission On Radiological Protection
08/13/2007 Concerning the Response from the EDO Regarding the Committee's Letter on Prevention of Legacy Sites
08/01/2007 Chapters 11.2 Through 11.5 of NUREG-0800, "Standard Review Plan (SRP) for the Review of Safety Analysis Reports for Nuclear Power Plants"
07/27/2007 Agency efforts regarding radiation protection Information
06/28/2007 Working Group Meeting on 10 CFR 20.1406 Minimization of Contamination and Proposed Regulatory Guide 4012
06/27/2007 NRC Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research (RES) Long-term Research: Fiscal Year 2009 Activities
06/06/2007 Igneous Activity at Yucca Mountain: Technical Basis for Decision Making.
Attached Report
05/09/2007 Proposed Rulemaking on Groundwater Protection at in Situ Leach Uranium Recovery Facilities
04/23/2007 Use of Credit for Moderator Exclusion in the Licensing of Spent Nuclear Fuel Transportation Packages
02/28/2007 Comments on "Draft Recommendations of the International Commission On Radiological Protection," Dated January 12, 2007
01/11/2007 Report of the French Academy of Sciences,"The Dose-Effect Relationship and Estimating the Carcinogenic Effects of Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation"
01/08/2007 Working Group Meeting on Decommissioning Lessons Learned
01/04/2007 Proposed Revision 1 to Regulatory Guide 1.112,"Calculation Of Releases of Radioactive Materials in Gaseous and Liquid Effluents from Light-water-cooled Nuclear Power Reactors"

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