Resolution Schedule

The NRC is currently implementing its plan to have all pressurized-water reactor (PWR) licensees perform a plant-specific evaluation of the potential for excessive head loss across the containment sump screen because of the accumulation of debris on the containment sump screen. Key milestones from that plan to resolve Generic Safety Issue (GSI) 191, "PWR Sump Performance," are provided in the table below.

Based on the information available to date, continued operation of PWRs is justified until the plant-specific evaluations are completed. To provide additional assurance until those evaluations are completed, the NRC asked the licensees of PWRs to implement interim compensatory measures. The NRC has reviewed the adequacy of the interim compensatory measures being implemented by licensees.

However, if the results ongoing NRC inspections and reviews indicate that unsafe conditions exist at any operating PWR, the NRC will take immediate plant-specific actions to ensure the continued health and safety of the public. Also, if a licensee discovers that it is not in compliance with the NRC regulations during the implementation of the requested actions in Bulletin 2003-01, it is required to take prompt corrective actions.

The NRC is currently re-evaluating the schedule for activities needed to close GSI-191.  At the conclusion of this re-evaluation, a revised closure date will be published.

Date Activity Status
TBD Close GSI-191 Pending
TBD Complete review of licensee supplemental responses Ongoing
06/2008 Complete Temporary Instruction 2515/166 inspections of plant changes Completed
04/2008 Complete audit of selected plant analyses/modifications Completed
STET Initiate review of final supplemental generic letter responses Completed
12/2005 Complete Temporary Instruction 2515/153 inspections of interim compensatory actions Completed
12/2005 Close-out all Bulletin 2003-01 responses Completed
03/2005 Licensees submit responses to generic letter Completed
02/2005 Launch pilot program and identify pilot plants for application of sump evaluation methodology Completed
01/2005 Public meeting on SE Completed
12/2004 NEI 04-07 released (combining updated NEI evaluation methodology and SE) Completed
12/2004 Issue safety evaluation (SE) on NEI evaluation methodology Completed
12/2004 Participate in industry workshop on performing PWR sump evaluations Completed
09/2004 Complete technical evaluation of NEI evaluation guidelines Completed
09/2004 Issue generic letter requesting plant-specific evaulation of sump performance Completed
varies Licensees implement compensatory measures Ongoing
08/2004 Complete review of all Bulletin 2003-01 responses Completed
07/2004 Receive revision to NEI evaluation methodology Completed
05/2004 Receive new version of NEI evaluation methodology Completed
03/2004 Workshop with industry on NEI Draft evaluation methodology technical issues Completed
11/2003 Issue Regulatory Guide 1.82, Rev. 3 Completed
11/2003 Receive NEI Draft Containment Sump Evaluation Methodology and obtain contract assistance from Los Alamos National Laboratory Completed
10/2003 Issue Temporary Instruction 2515/153 related to Bulletin 2003-01 Completed
06/2003 Issue Bulletin 2003-01 requesting compensatory measures regarding sump performance Completed
09/2002 NEI guidance document, NEI 02-01, published Completed
09/2001 Complete technical assessment of PWR sump blockage Completed

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