Historical Timeline

The NRC began its first reassessment of PWR sump and BWR suction strainer performance in 1979. The first reassessment (including all technical and regulatory actions) was completed in 1985.

In 1992, the NRC started a second reassessment of BWR suction strainer performance and completed the reassessment (including all technical and regulatory actions) in 2000.

In 1996, the NRC started a second reassessment of PWR sump performance and that reassessment is ongoing.

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Years Regulatory Activity Event Technical Activity
1970-1975 Regulatory Guide 1.82    
1981-1985 Regulatory Guide 1.82, Revision 1    
1986-1990 Information Notice 88-28
Information Notice 89-77
Information Notice 90-07
1991-1995 Information Notice 92-71
Information Notice 92-85
Information Notice 93-34
Information Notice 93-02
Temporary Instruction 2515/125
Information Notice 94-57
Information Notice 95-06
Bulletin 95-02
Information Notice 95-47
Barseback, Sweden
Head loss tests
Debris generation tests
1996-2000 Information Notice 96-10
Bulletin 96-03
Regulatory Guide 1.82, Revision 2
Information Notice 96-27
Information Notice 96-55
Information Notice 96-59
Generic Letter 96-03
Generic Letter 97-04
Generic Letter 98-04
Regulatory Guide 1.54, Revision 1
LaSalle Debris transport tests
Debris erosion tests
2001-2003 Bulletin 2003-01    

Generic Letter 04-02
Information Notice 05-26

  Chemical Effects

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