Flex Equipment

Maintain Key Functions with Backup and Redundant Equipment

Flex Equipment icon, consisting of a magenta circle with a white tool box in the middle that is separated into a top and bottom halfThe NRC accepted the U.S. nuclear power industry's proposed safety strategy, called Diverse and Flexible Mitigation Capability, or FLEX. FLEX maintains long-term core and spent fuel cooling and containment integrity with installed plant equipment that is protected from natural hazards, as well as backup portable onsite equipment. If necessary, similar equipment can be brought from offsite.

  • Image of Portable equipment, stored in areas protected from potential natural hazards, such as the robust FLEX building in the background. (Photo of FLEX building outside the Hatch nuclear power plant, Southern Company.)
  • Image of Portable pumps and generators provide water and power to maintain key safety functions. (Photos of pumps and generators t the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.)
  • Image of Standard mechanical and electrical connections for the portable equipment were installed at all U.S. plants. (Photo of FLEX Jumper connection panel at St. Lucie nuclear power plant.)
  • Image of Backup equipment can be brought from offsite to any U.S. nuclear power plant within 24 hours. (Photo of equipment at National Response Center.)
  • Image of Debris removal equipment and alternative plans ensure access to the site. (Photos of support equipment used by U.S. Forest Service in California and by the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.)


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