U.S. EPR Application Documents

This page provides access to the following documents, which AREVA NP, Inc. submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC), in connection with its application for certification of the U.S. EPR as a standard design for a 4,500-MWt pressurized-water reactor (PWR):

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Final Safety Analysis Report

The applicant's final safety analysis report (FSAR) provides information to support the NRC's approval and certification of the standard U.S. EPR design, under the provisions of Title 10, Part 52, of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR Part 52), "Licenses, Certifications, and Approvals for Nuclear Power Plants." The FSAR is divided into two parts (called "tiers"):

  • The Tier 1 material, which is derived from the more-detailed Tier 2 document, provides high-level information on the plant design. As such, it includes the principal performance characteristics and safety functions of the plant's structures, systems, and components (SSCs). It also includes inspections, tests, analyses, and acceptance criteria (ITAAC) to provide reasonable assurance that the as-built plant will operate in conformance with the combined license (COL), the provisions of the Atomic Energy Act, and applicable NRC regulations. In addition, the Tier 1 document identifies significant site parameters and requirements for significant interfaces between the standard U.S. EPR design and those aspects of the plant design that are site-specific.
  • The separate Tier 2 document provides more-detailed information on the plant design. This information is to be approved, but not certified, by the NRC.
Part Chapter Title
Tier 1 1 Introduction
2 System Based Design Descriptions and ITAAC
3 Non-System Based Design Descriptions and ITAAC
4 Interface Requirements
5 Site Parameters
Tier 2 1 Introduction and General Description of the plant
2 Site Characteristics
3 Design of Structures, Systems, Components and Equipment
4 Reactor
5 Reactor Coolant and Connecting Systems
6 Engineered Safety Features
7 Instrumentation and Controls
8 Electric Power
9 Auxiliary Systems
10 Steam and Power Conversion System
11 Radioactive Waste Management
12 Radiation Protection
13 Conduct of Operations
14 Verification Programs
15 Transient and Accident Analyses
16 Technical Specifications
17 Quality Assurance and Reliability Assurance
18 Human Factors Engineering
19 Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Severe Accident Evaluation

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Environmental Report

The applicant's environmental report presents an evaluation of severe accident mitigation design alternatives (SAMDA) for the U.S. EPR design. This evaluation addresses the costs and benefits of the SAMDA, as well as the bases for not incorporating the SAMDA in the U.S. EPR design.

Date Description
09/11/09 ANP-10290, Revision 1, AREVA NP Environmental Report, Standard Design Certification

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Safety Evaluations

This section lists the Safety Evaluations that the NRC has issued in connection with its review of the U.S EPR Design Certification submitted by AREVA NP.

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