U.S. EPR Pre-Application Review

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has a policy of encouraging early discussions (prior to submission of a license application) with potential applicants (such as utilities and reactor designers) to offer licensing guidance and to identify and resolve potential licensing issues early in the licensing process. Consistent with that policy, AREVA NP formally requested a pre-application review of the U.S. EPR design on February 8, 2005. During the pre-application review phase, AREVA NP submitted 15 topical reports and 4 technical reports. The pre-application review phase ended with the submission of the formal design certification application. For additional information, please use the Advanced Web Search feature of our Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS), and enter PROJ0733 in the "Docket Number" field. In particular, see the U.S. EPR Design Description (Part 1 of 2) and (Part 2 of 2), which AREVA NP submitted on August 12, 2005.