Final Safety Evaluations for Bellefonte Nuclear Station, Units 3 and 4 Application

The following table provides access to Final Safety Evaluations that the NRC has issued in connection with its review of the COL application that TVA submitted for Bellefonte Nuclear Station, Units 3 & 4.

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Chapter Description Date
1 Introduction and Interfaces TBD
2 Site Characteristics TBD
3 Design of Structures, Components, Equipment, and Systems TBD
4 Reactor TBD
5 Reactor Coolant System and Connected Systems TBD
6 Engineered Safety Features TBD
7 Instrumentation and Controls TBD
8 Electric Power TBD
9 Auxiliary Systems TBD
10 Steam and Power Conversion TBD
11 Radioactive Waste Management TBD
12 Radiation Protection TBD
13 Conduct of Operations TBD
14 Initial Test Program TBD
15 Accident Analysis TBD
16 Technical Specifications TBD
17 Quality Assurance TBD
18 Human Factors Engineering TBD
19 Response to Severe Accident Policy Statement TBD

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