Vogtle Electric Generating Plant, Unit 4

Vogtle Electric Generating Plant

Location: Waynesboro, GA (26 miles SE of Augusta, GA) in Region II
Operator: Southern Nuclear Operating Co., Inc.
Combined License Issued: 02/10/2012
Date of 10 CFR 52.103(g) Finding: 07/28/2023  
Combined License Expires: 07/28/2063 (40 years after NRC Commission Finding in 10 CFR 52.103(g))
Docket Number: 05200026
Reactor Type: Pressurized Light Water Reactor (AP1000)
Licensed Reactor Power: 3400 MWt
Reactor Vendor/Type: Westinghouse / 2-Loop
Containment Type: Freestanding steel vessel with shield building

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