Inspection Manual Chapters Regarding the Construction Inspection Program for New Reactors

An Inspection Manual Chapter (IMC) presents administrative information, policy statements, technical guidance, objectives, and procedures for a given type of inspection. The following table presents the subset of IMCs that relate specifically to the NRC's Construction Inspection Program for New Reactors. The NRC's complete IMC collection is available through the Electronic Reading Room.

In addition, some of the following chapters refer to associated Inspection Procedures (IPs) in their appendices. The NRC's complete IP collection is also available through the Electronic Reading Room.

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Chapter Title
IMC 0613 Documenting 10 CFR Part 52 Construction Inspections
IMC 0614 Documenting 10 CFR 52 Construction Audit Activities
IMC 0617 Vendor And Quality Assurance Implementation Inspection Reports
IMC 1252 Construction Inspector Training and Qualification Program
IMC 1252 Appendix A Construction Inspector Basic-Level Training and Certification Journal
IMC 1252 Appendix B Construction Inspector General Proficiency-Level Training and Qualification Journal
IMC 1252 Appendix C Construction Inspector Post Qualification Requirements, Continuing and Refresher Training
IMC 2501 Early Site Permit (ESP)
IMC 2502 Pre-Combined License (Pre-COL) Phase
IMC 2503 Inspections of Inspections, Tests, Analyses, and Acceptance Criteria (ITAAC)
IMC 2504 Construction Inspection Program Inspection of Construction and Operational Programs
IMC 2505 Periodic Assessment of Construction Inspection Program Results
IMC 2506 Construction Reactor Oversight Process General Guidance and Basis Document
IMC 2507 Vendor Inspections
IMC 2508 Design Certification

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