TH23 Constructing Our Energy Future: Opportunities and Challenges for Advanced Reactor Construction

Innovative, economical, and safe construction is critical to realizing the perceived momentum of advanced reactors. This session will be devoted to a discussion of challenges for advanced reactor construction and new construction trends and enabling technologies being considered by the industry, the DOE, and academia to overcome those challenges. The session will also provide a forum to discuss the regulatory implications of the proposed advances and approaches. Leading experts from industry, national laboratories, and research institutions will present their views and participate in open discussion among the panel and with the audience on the challenges and opportunities for advanced reactor construction.
  • Louise Lund, Director, Division of Engineering, RES/NRC
  • Jinsuo Nie, Structural Engineer, Structural, Geotechnical and Seismic Engineering Branch, Division of Engineering, RES/NRC e-mail:

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