T3 Preapplication Engagement for New and Advanced Reactors

This session will discuss preapplication engagement with vendors of light-water small modular reactors and nonlight-water reactors, with a focus on encouraging early and robust preapplication engagement consistent with NRC’s established best practices, including the NRC’s draft white paper on preapplication engagement to optimize the review of applications for advanced reactors.


  • The Honorable Christopher T. Hanson, Chairman, NRC



  • Adrian Muniz, Project Manager, Advanced Reactor Licensing Branch, Division of Advanced Reactors and Non-power and Utilization Facilities, NRR/NRC e-mail: Adrian.Muniz@nrc.gov
  • Carolyn Lauron, Senior Project Manager, New Reactor Licensing Branch,, Division of New and Renewed Licenses, NRR/NRC

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