W16 Be riskSMART: Real Examples and Real Impacts

The NRC is realizing its vision as a modern, risk-informed regulator in part through the development and implementation of a framework to apply risk insights in all agency decisions: Be riskSMART. Following a brief overview of the Be riskSMART framework, NRC staff members will share their insights and experiences with the application of the framework. Discussions will include safety and security questions pertaining to both reactors and materials, as well as strategic activities in the corporate and legal arenas. The impact of the decisions that were made will be a focal point of the applications presented. This session will be of interest to anyone who wants to know how the NRC is using risk insights and the Be riskSMART framework to make risk-informed decisions.



  • Introductory Remarks
    Ben Ficks, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, OCFO/NRC
  • Reed Anzalone, Reactor Safety Program Specialist (Data Science), Embark Venture Studio, NRR/NRC
  • Mirabelle Shoemaker, International Safeguards Analyst, Material Control and Accounting Branch, Division of Fuel Management, NMSS/NRC
  • Billy Dickson, Chief, Division of Reactor Projects Branch 2, RIII/NRC
  • Stacy Prasad, Security Risk Analyst, Security Oversight and Support Branch, Division of Security Operations, NSIR/NRC


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