National Materials Program: Activities


The National Materials Program (NMP) Champions will ensure the monitoring, tracking, and as necessary, facilitation of NMP activities to ensure that they are meeting the annual goals and priorities. Currently, there are two Champions, one representing the NRC and the other representing the Agreement States, that serve as the primary points of contact for NMP activities. Together the Champions:

  • Ensure the monitoring of NMP activities, evaluation and development of NMP policy, and development of criteria and methodology to assess the uniformity and adequacy of the implementation of the NMP
  • Ensure the identification of additional areas of NRC/Agreement States cooperation and specific products or processes that would benefit the evolution of the NMP
  • Ensure the identification of additional actions to help to strengthen the understanding of, and consistency within, the NMP
  • Ensure that NRC management and staff, the Organization of Agreement States (OAS) Board, and the Agreement States are routinely informed of NMP activities, and the issues and concerns on NMP matters
  • Encourage NRC and Agreement State participation in NMP activities to enhance the NRC-Agreement State partnership
  • Ensure the facilitation of communication between NRC and the Agreement States on NMP issues
  • Ensure that jointly developed periodic reports are provided to NRC and Agreement States on NMP activities, issues, and performance
  • Works with NRC management and OAS Board to establish annual NMP goals, priorities, and quality measures