License Terms

Under 10 CFR 110.50 (a), each general or specific license issued by the NRC

  • Is subject to all applicable provisions of the Atomic Energy Act and to all applicable rules, regulations, decisions and orders of the Commission.
  • Is subject to amendment, suspension, revocation or incorporation of separate conditions when required by amendments of the Atomic Energy Act or other applicable law, or by other rules, regulations decisions or orders issued in accordance the terms of the Atomic Energy Act or other applicable law.
  • Authorizes export or import only and does not authorize any person to receive title to, acquire, receive, possess, deliver, use or transfer nuclear equipment or material.
  • If for nuclear material, authorizes the export or import of only the nuclear material and accompanying packaging and fuel element hardware.
  • If for nuclear equipment does not confer authority to export or import nuclear material.
  • If for the export of nuclear equipment, authorizes the export of only those items required for use in the foreign nuclear installation for which the items are intended.
  • Shall not be used to proceed with an export or import if the licensee knows or has reason to believe that the packaging requirements of Part 71 have not been met. In such case, the licensee shall notify the NRC promptly.

Each NRC license, whether specific or general may be revoked, suspended, or modified (10 CFR 110.52).

Each NRC licensee (using either a general or specific NRC export or import license) must have an office in the United States where papers may be served and where records required by NRC will be maintained and can be inspected (10 CFR 110.53).

Under 10 CFR 110.50 (b), each specific license issued by the NRC

  • Will have an expiration date.
  • Will be used by a licensee to export or import only for the purpose stated in the license application.
  • May not be used by a licensee to ship foreign-obligated nuclear material or equipment, unless specifically authorized after the required communications with NRC have been made.
  • Assigns responsibility to the licensee for compliance with applicable requirements of Parts 40, 70, and 73, unless another NRC domestic licensee has assumed that responsibility and NRC has been so notified.
  • May be transferred, disposed of or assigned to another person only upon NRC approval of a license amendment.

NRC specific export and/or import licenses can be amended and/or renewed (10 CFR 110.51) with timely submission of an application for such action. Once a specific license has expired, it cannot be amended or renewed.