Decommissioning Communications – Generic Communications

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Generic communications are NRC's primary method of sending information to specific classes of licensees. The following are related to decommissioning:

Timeliness Rule

Document Number Description
Rev. 1
Timeliness of Decommissioning Materials licensees rule
Rev. 1
NRC Timeliness Goals, Prioritization of Incoming License Applications and Voluntary Submittal of Schedule for Future Actions for NRC Review
RIS-00-009 Standard Review Plan for Licensee Requests to Extend the Time Periods Established for Initiation of Decommissioning Activities

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Dry Cask Storage

Document Number Description
AL-95-004 Decommissioning activities and planning for Dry Cask storage
BL-96-04 Chemical, Galvanic, or Other reactions in spent fuel storage and transportation casks
IN-03-016 Icing Conditions between Bottom of Dry Storage System and Storage Pad
IN-02-035 Changes to 10 CFR Parts 71 AND 72 Quality Assurance Programs
IN-00-011 Licensee Responsibility for Quality Assurance Oversight of Contractor Activities Regarding Fabrication and Use of Spent Fuel Storage Cask Systems
IN-99-029 Authorized Contents of Spent Fuel Casks
IN-97-051 Problems Experienced Loading and Unloading Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage and Transportation Casks
IN-97-039 Inadequate 10 CFR 72.48 Safety Evaluations of Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations
IN-95-028 Emplacement of Support Pads for Spent Fuel Dry Storage Installations at Reactor Sites
RIS-07-009 Examples of Recurring Requests for Additional Information (RAIs) for 10 CFR Part 71 and 72 Applications
RIS-06-022 Lessons Learned from Recent 10 CFR Part 72 Dry Cask Storage Campaign
RIS-05-005 Regulatory Issues Regarding Criticality Analyses for Spent Fuel Pools and Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations
RIS-04-020 Lessons Learned from Review of 10 CFR Parts 71 and 10 CFR 72 Applications
RIS-03-005 Issuance of Orders Imposing Additional Physical Protection Measures for Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations Using Dry Storage
RIS-02-012d Decommissioning Power Reactors and Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations Using Dry Storage NRC Threat Advisory and Protective Measures System

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Spent Fuel Pool

Document Number Description
BL-94-01 Potential Fuel Pool Drain-down Caused by Inadequate Maintenance Practices at Dresden Unit 1
IN-04-005 Spent Fuel Pool Leakage to Onsite Groundwater
IN-02-003 Highly Radioactive Particle Control Problems during Spent Fuel Pool Cleanout
RIS-02-012c Decommissioning Power Reactors and Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations Using Wet Storage NRC Threat Advisory and Protective Measures System

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Low-Level Waste

Document Number Description
BL-79-20 Packaging, Transport and Burial of Low-Level Radioactive Waste
GL-85-014 Commercial Storage at Power Reactor Sites of Low Level Radioactive Waste Not Generated By the Utility
GL-80-009 Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
IN-97-056 Possession Limits for Special Nuclear Material at the Environcare of Utah Low-Level Radioactive Material
IN-91-065 Emergency Access to Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities
IN-90-009 Extended Interim Storage of Low-Level Radioactive Waste by Fuel Cycle and Materials Licensees

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Document Number Description
IN-06-13 Ground-Water Contamination Due to Undetected Leakage of Radioactive Water


IN-94-038 Results of a Special NRC Inspection at Dresden Unit 1 Following a Rupture of Service Water inside Containment
IN-81-018 Excessive Radiation Exposures to the Fingers...During Cleaning and Wipe Testing of Sealed Sources at a Mfg. Facility

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Policies, Rules, Requirements

Document Number Description
GL-83-007 The Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982
GL-80-038 Summary-Certain Non-Power Reactor Physical Protection Requirements
IN-96-047 Recordkeeping, Decommissioning Notifications for Disposals of Radioactive Waste by Land Burial Authorized under Former 10 CFR 20.304, 20.302, and Current 20.2002
IN-94-021 Regulatory Requirements When No Operations Are Being Performed
Sup. 1
License and Fee Requirements for Processing Financial Assurance Submittals for Decommissioning
IN-90-016 Compliance with New Decommissioning Rule
RIS-06-025 Requirements for the Distribution and Possession of Tritium Exit Signs and the Requirements in 10 CFR 31.5 and 32.51a
RIS-06-020 Guidance for Receiving Enforcement Discretion When Concentrating Uranium at Community Water Systems
RIS-06-009 NRC's Procedures for Review of Decommissioning Funding Assurance Reports
Rev. 1
Revised Decay-In-Storage Provisions for the Storage of Radioactive Waste Containing Byproduct Material
RIS-06-001 Expiration Date for NRC-Approved Spent Fuel Transportation Routes
RIS-01-004 Issuance of Updated Guidance on the Transfer of Ownership or Control of Licensed Activities (NUREG-1556, Volume 15)

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Document Number Description
BL-03-04 Re-base lining of Data in Nuclear Materials Management and Safeguards system
IN-99-033 Management of Wastes Contaminated with Radioactive Materials
IN-85-092 Surveys of Wastes before Disposal from Nuclear Reactor Facilities
RIS-04-008 Results of the License Termination Rule Analysis
RIS-02-002 Lessons Learned Related to Recently Submitted Decommissioning Plans and License Termination Plans
RIS-01-007 10 CFR 50.75(f)(1) Reports on the Status of Decommissioning Funds (Due March 31, 2001)

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