Decommissioning Lessons Learned

This page is intended to share key lessons learned that will improve decommissioning of sites under the License Termination Rule with existing and future NRC licensees, NRC staff, States, and other interested stakeholders, by providing brief summaries of the lessons, benefits to decommissioning, and links to any documents containing more detailed information.

Generally, lessons learned are any items that could be of interest and benefit to many licensees. Lessons learned include positive or negative discussions that are worth sharing with NRC licensees and stakeholders. For example, lessons learned can include significant and recurring NRC comments on licensing documents, issues that have been formally documented and evaluated by the staff, case studies providing useful site-specific examples or best practices for some aspects of decommissioning, or unsuccessful experiences that should be shared to avoid recurrence.

Additional References on Decommissioning Lessons Learned – This is a preliminary collection of documents that the NRC, Fuel Cycle Facilities Forum, Nuclear Energy Institute, Electric Power Research Institute, and Organization of Agreement States have compiled to inform existing and future NRC licensees, NRC staff, States, and other interested stakeholders about potential lessons learned from past decommissioning actions. This is includes information such as: a) title of the document, b) list of author(s), c) summary of the content of each document, and d) details on the availability of each document in this bibliography.

Note: NRC is not endorsing any of the methods or decisions presented in this page, nor does it mean that any particular decision or method described in these references, utilized in a different situation, would generate NRC regulatory approval. Stakeholders are solely responsible for the use and implementation of any information presented and/or discussed in this page.

Decommissioning Lessons Learned Database

Reports from the Decommissioning Lessons Learned Database (in pdf. format) – The links below provide quick access to the reports derived from the decommissioning lessons-learned database.

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