Standard Hero Widget

The Standard Hero widget allows you to add a hero image to a page with an option to add a title, summary text, and a button over the image. Desktop image size should be 1920x400 and mobile image is 400x400. This widget is used with the Data - hero page type placed under a folder.

Hero, Image, and Map Widgets

Content Width Hero Slider Widget

The Content Width Hero Slider widget allows you to add a slider to the top of your page that displays an image, title, summary text, and can include a button also to navigate. This widget is based on the Data - Hero document type that is added under a folder.

Optimal Image Size (Desktop): 1170x400
Optimal Image Size (Mobile): 400x400

Image Slider Widget

The Image Slider widget is used to display an image slider gallery based off the Data - Image page type that is placed under the article. You can add text to display over the image and a button w/url link if desired.

Optimal image size is 1170x400.

Map Widget

The (NRC Bing) Map Widget is a page-based widget which displays maps based on the NRC Map page type under a folder.

NRC Style Guide Pages

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