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NRC Resident Inspector Program 50th Anniversary

Patricia Vossmar, former senior resident inspector at Cooper Nuclear Station, is featured as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the NRC’s Resident Inspector program.

Mirela Gavrilas Visits TRISO Fuel Facility

Mirela Gavrilas, head of our Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response, center, joins other NRC and site staff in a tour of the TRISO Manufacturing area of the Category I fuel facility operated by BWXT Nuclear Operations, Inc. The NRC team was on site as part of a force-on-force security inspection.

John Tappert and Ray Furstenau Visit France

John Tappert, Acting Director of the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, left, and Acting Executive Director for Operations Ray Furstenau stand on top of the containment building of the Jules Horowitz test reactor under construction at the CEA Cadarache site in southern France during an official visit.  The reactor is expected to begin operations in the early 2030s.

NRC Commissioner Caputo Attends Conference for Radiation Control Program Directors

NRC Commissioner Annie Caputo stops for a photo during the Conference for Radiation Control Program Directors, where she was the keynote speaker, with Kevin Willliams, a division director in the Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards, and Angela Leek, chair of the conference.

NRC Chair Hanson Visits Poland

During a visit to the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment, officials paused for a photo, including, from left to right, Undersecretary MiƂosz Motyka, Undersecretary Maciej Bando, NRC Chair Christopher Hanson, U.S. Ambassador Mark Brzezinski and PAA President Andrzej Glowacki.

NRC Commissioners David Wright and Bradley Crowell Tour Commonwealth Fusion Systems

NRC Commissioner David Wright, center right, and Commissioner Bradley Crowell, center left foreground, take a moment during a tour of Commonwealth Fusion Systems to pose with NRC staff and officials and CFS CEO Bob Mumgaard, center, and CFS staff.  The company is currently developing a system using powerful magnetic fields to control the extremely hot plasma that sustains a fusion reaction. Photo courtesy of CFS

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