Sidebar Widgets

Sidebar Content Widget

The Sidebar Content widget is used to add a heading and custom content in the left or right sidebar. 

(Sample Top Left)

Sidebar List Widget

The Sidebar List widget is used to display a list of pages by selecting a location where these pages are contained. You can create your list under a folder or point to an area of the content tree to display the child pages. (Used with the "Page" page type.) 

(Sample MIddle Left)

Sidebar Search Box Widget

The Sidebar Search Box widget provides a text box where users can enter search expressions in the sidebar. Searching redirects users to a page that displays the search results.

(Sample Left)

Sidebar Sub-Menu Link Widget

The Sidebar Sub-menu Link widget provides the capability to add a link under the Navigation section in the Three Column Layout as part of the sub-menu.

(Sample Bottom Left)

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