Recent FOIA Requests – May 2016

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during May 2016. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Description FOIA/PA Number
"Appeal of Documents/Information Withheld in response to FOIA Request Nos. FOIA/PA 2016-0382 & 0383" FOIA/PA-2016-0108A
OI Report and attachments regarding OI Case No. 3-2012-021, including all documents reflecting communications about the case FOIA/PA-2016-0481
Information on Alys B. Block Lieberman (b. August 19, 1928- d. October 1995), a secretary at the Atomic Energy Commission in Georgia from 1951-1953 FOIA/PA-2016-0480
"Copy of SECY-89-224 and related Staff Requirements Memorandum" FOIA/PA-2016-0479
"NRC Radioactive Material Licensee List of all Portable and Fixed Nuclear Density Gauge Licensee's across the U.S." FOIA/PA-2016-0478
Copies of the title Page, table of contents and the executive summary of the seven listed Office of the Inspector General's reports FOIA/PA-2016-0477
Information regarding the investigation of the concerns submitted by named individual to the NRC versus Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station and/or Arizona Public Service Company, Investigations Report #4-2013-003 and/or NSIR-2012-A-0004 FOIA/PA-2016-0476
The Office of Inspector General and Office of Small Business and Civil Rights documents pertaining to the 2012 Vogtle Nuclear Plant initial license examination of named individual FOIA/PA-2016-0475
"All records not already publicly available in ADAMS related to the petition for rulemaking submitted by Mark Edward Leyse and designated as PRM-50-108 and NRC-2014-0171 by the staff" FOIA/PA-2016-0474
"Allegation Report Numbers: RII-2015-A-0046, RII-2015-A-0165, RII-2015-A-0193" FOIA/PA-2016-0473
All records pertaining to RIV-2014-A-0066/OI 4-204-037 FOIA/PA-2016-0472
“A list of all grant numbers awarded by your agency from 2012 to 2016 to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and a list of all grant numbers awarded by your agency from 2012 to 2016 to the listed of public broadcasting entities/station” FOIA/PA-2016-0471
Sites in possession/use of radioactive materials regulated by NRC FOIA/PA-2016-0470
Manual or other guiding documentation/protocols for processing Freedom of Information Requests; all guides to agency Freedom of Information Act request regulations; and all guidelines and regulations regarding the submission and processing of appeals FOIA/PA-2016-0469
Files relating to or mentioning the Apollo Affair FOIA/PA-2016-0468
All records, retrievable by individual's name, contained in the following four systems: NRC–8, NRC–11, NRC–18 and NRC–23 FOIA/PA-2016-0467
Any inter- or intra-agency correspondences following and related to the September 2013 "Draft Supplemental Information to the Biological Assessment, North Anna Power Station Combined License Application, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Docket No. 52-017" FOIA/PA-2016-0466
"Copy of the conclusory document for each Inspector General investigation or inspection addressing computer usage by employees that was closed during calendar years 2014, 2015 and 2016" FOIA/PA-2016-0465
All records regarding any accidents at Peach Bottom Power Plant, located at 1848 Lay Rd., Delta, PA 17314, August 1, 2005 to May 1, 2015 FOIA/PA-2016-0464
Regulators that used the wrong information, in relation to the NRC's ruling on Wednesday, May 4, 2016, that regulators used the wrong data in an earlier analysis of the economic impact of a possible accident at the Indian Point nuclear power plant FOIA/PA-2016-0463
"Referral letter from the US Office of Special Counsel to the NRC Chairman regarding flooding at nuclear power plant sites due to dam failures" FOIA/PA-2016-0462
Most recent copy of the Materials Licensing Tracking System (MLTS) Database (active and retired facilities) FOIA/PA-2016-0461
ML101180345, Security Review Procedure for Security Plan Changes, Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response (NSIR) Office Instruction LIC-800. Revision 2, June 2011 FOIA/PA-2016-0460
Memorandum dated December 10, 2012 to named individual from Hubert T. Bell; Memorandum dated July 2, 2014 to named individual from Hubert T. Bell FOIA/PA-2016-0459
Any materials generated in connection with Case No. 4-2013-003 FOIA/PA-2016-0458
Records regarding communications within the NRC and between the NRC and Entergy regarding baffle bolts at Indian Point Units 2 and 3 between March 7, 2016 and May 2, 2016 FOIA/PA-2016-0457
Any documents on what materials are or have been utilized or stored at The Hilltop Apartments (formerly Irvington General Hospital), 806-842 Chancellor Avenue, 842 Chancellor Avenue, Block 324-Lot 1, Irvington, Essex County, New Jersey 07111 FOIA/PA-2016-0456
Appeal the denial of Information in response to FOIA/PA-2016-0454 FOIA/PA-2016-0107A

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