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Recent FOIA Requests – March 2013

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during March 2013. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Copy of Commission calendars from June 1978 through December 1981 FOIA/PA-2013-0204
All documents related to OI-2-2012-023 FOIA/PA-2013-0203
Copies of all closed memos/final reports for listed OIG investigations FOIA/PA-2013-0202
Any correspondence between Congressman Ed Markey, his staff, and NRC FOIA/PA-2013-0201
All documents from the listed OIG cases FOIA/PA-2013-0200
All records involving uranium and/or depleted uranium and other radioactive materials used at the Dupont Pompton Lakes Work Site FOIA/PA-2013-0199
All records to/from NRC staff, Commission and the ACRS regarding 2009 Safety Culture and Climate Survey FOIA/PA-2013-0198
RIC Mailing List FOIA/PA-2013-0197
All correspondences between Representative Michele Bachmann and the Chairman from Jan. 3, 2007 to present FOIA/PA-2013-0196
Copy of Individual Exam Reports of personnel that requested waivers in Region II and were denied from Jan. 2005 to May 2012 FOIA/PA-2013-0195
Any correspondence on or on behalf of U.S. Representative Thomas B. Cotton as of January 1, 2003 to present FOIA/PA-2013-0194
Logs and usage of nuclear objects FOIA/PA-2013-0193
Copies of reports, memos and letter of closed OIG investigations from 01/11/12 to 10/31/12 FOIA/PA-2013-0192
Information on AEC licenses as specified FOIA/PA-2013-0191
Financial reporting and documentation on Mass Transit Benefit program and contact information for the current Transportation Coordinators  FOIA/PA-2013-0190
Information about Fukushima’s Radionuclide Emissions Inventory, from 03/11/13 to 2013 FOIA/PA-2013-0189
Any correspondence on or on behalf of Michael J. Sullivan as a private citizen or a representative of listed organizations, from 1991 to 2009. FOIA/PA-2013-0188
Any correspondence on or on behalf of Daniel B. Winslow as a private citizen or a representative of listed organizations, from 1995 to present. FOIA/PA-2013-0187
Requested information pertaining to ML043480337 FOIA/PA-2013-0186
Portable nuclear gauge licensee list of RSO officers, company name and addresses for license code 03121, for 2013 FOIA/PA-2013-0185
Buyer information for any buyers, contracting officers, or credit card holders that has made purchases within NRC within last year FOIA/PA-2013-0184
Copy of completed test for named license and docket number, effective Date Feb. 7, 1978 FOIA/PA-2013-0183
Any correspondence to, from or on behalf of Representative Frank C. Guinta between December 2000 to January 2013 FOIA/PA-2013-0182
Any documentation related to verification of employment and employment history on named individual FOIA/PA-2013-0181
Any correspondence to, from or on behalf of U.S. Senator John Cornyn between 1985 and February 23, 2013 FOIA/PA-2013-0180
Any correspondence to, from or on behalf of Representative John E. Sununu between January 1997 and present FOIA/PA-2013-0179
Any correspondence to, from or on behalf of Representative Joseph E. Bradley between January 2003 and present FOIA/PA-2013-0178
Any information about missing/stolen government owned items or property within NRC from 2007 through 2012. FOIA/PA-2013-0177
All correspondences to and from commissioners from November 1, 2012 to February 13, 2013 about Southern Co's plan to build and operate nuclear reactors at Vogtle near Waynesboro, GA FOIA/PA-2013-0176
Most recent copy of the MLTS Database (active and retired facilities) FOIA/PA-2013-0175
All records regarding nuclear power plant output design, consequences of severe accidents and communications between NRC and the Japanese Nuclear Regulatory Agency FOIA/PA-2013-0174
Request for a log of correspondence to, from or on behalf of U.S. Senator Susan Collins between January 3, 1996 and February 08, 2013 FOIA/PA-2013-0173
Any correspondence on or on behalf of Gabriel E. Gomez in connection with named companies FOIA/PA-2013-0172
All records from 09/19/67-present related to the investigation and remediation of contamination of the former nuclear research and production facilities of Sylvania Electric Products FOIA/PA-2013-0171
Decommissioned Reactors letters to NRC requesting withdrawal from the Secondary Financial Protection Program FOIA/PA-2013-0170
NRC’s 1982 report, titled “Radiological Survey of the West Lake Landfill,” complete analysis of radioactive materials FOIA/PA-2013-0169
Documents related to two facilitated focus group meetings conducted by NRC’s Division of License Renewal (DLR) FOIA/PA-2013-0168
Any Partial and/or Final Responses to FOIA/PA 2012-0325 FOIA/PA-2013-0167
Any Partial and/or Final Responses to FOIA/PA 2012-0323 FOIA/PA-2013-0166
Any Partial and/or Final Responses to FOIA/PA 2012-0322 FOIA/PA-2013-0165
Any Partial and/or Final Responses to FOIA/PA 2012-0321 FOIA/PA-2013-0164
Incoming FOIA/PA requests for FOIA/PA 2012-0321,FOIA/PA 2012-0322, FOIA/PA 2012-0323, FOIA/PA 2012-0325 and FOIA/PA 2012-0327 FOIA/PA-2013-0163
Any Partial and/or Final Responses to FOIA/PA 2012-0327 FOIA/PA-2013-0162
Presentation by Director, Waste Management and Environmental Protection, titled "Update on NRC Low-Level Waste Regulatory Initiatives" FOIA/PA-2013-0161
Any correspondence, to, from or on behalf of U.S. Senator Tom Udall between 1990 and February 25, 2013 FOIA/PA-2013-0160
E-mails between Southern California Edison and NRC regarding San Onofre from January 1, 2012 to Present FOIA/PA-2013-0159
FBI Investigation regarding the Numec-Apollo matter referenced in a June 13, 1978 memorandum FOIA/PA-2013-0158
Records regarding uranium mining and uranium enrichment facilities in Sellersville, PA from early 1900’s through present FOIA/PA-2013-0157
Records regarding contract NRC-DR3310324 FOIA/PA-2013-0156
MLTS Database information for Harris County and Fort Bend County, TX FOIA/PA-2013-0155
Allegation NSIR-A-0010, All records FOIA/PA-2013-0154
Copy of recording concerning OIG Investigation 2013-001 on 1/17/13 FOIA/PA-2013-0153
List of all licensees holding a Radioactive Materials License in the U.S. FOIA/PA-2013-0152
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