Recent FOIA Requests - March 2011

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during March 2011. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Nuclear Power Plants in South Carolina - All records relating to Safety Infractions and associated penalties from 1990 - 3/31/11 FOIA/PA-2011-0155
Indian Point - All Inspection Reports since 2000 FOIA/PA-2011-0154
Florida Power & Light (FPL) & Progress Energy's Nuclear Reactors in Florida environmental studies before their licenses were approved FOIA/PA-2011-0153
References mentioned on Page 6 of 12 of Sealed Source Device Registry for City Labs, Inc., 10/28/10 FOIA/PA-2011-0152
Radioactive materials license holders in RGN II FOIA/PA-2011-0151
OI Report 4-2009-017, Exhibit #'s 13, 02, 12, 04, 09,10, 11 FOIA/PA-2011-0150
Japan Earthquake - Any electronic messages sent/received for named individuals in NRR and RGN I 3/11/11-3/25/11 FOIA/PA-2011-0149
Japan Earthquake - Any email messages sent/received for named individuals 3/11/11-3/18/11.  Any email messages sent/received for named individuals 3/11/11-3/25/11.  Calendars of named individuals 3/11/11-3/23/11.  Any final correspondence documenting or authorizing exemptions to NRC Regulations at any Nuclear Facility FOIA/PA-2011-0148
Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Plant- Any and all documentation regarding the ongoing Nuclear Crisis in Japan, including damage to Reactors & Spent Fuel Pools, Release of Radiation, and the NRC recommendation to evacuate to 50 miles FOIA/PA-2011-0147
Allegation RII-2009-A-0002 & RII-2008-A-0153, All records FOIA/PA-2011-0146
Business with Radioactive Material Licenses/Permits in named locations FOIA/PA-2011-0145
Furniture Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, installation and Repairs Invoice for past two years FOIA/PA-2011-0144
Medical sites using radioactive materials including positron-emitting isotopes, specific site categories FOIA/PA-2011-0143
50-mile evacuation recommendation, detailed list of assumptions used to determine this radius FOIA/PA-2011-0142
Email or electronic messages sent or received including attachments from 3-11-11 to 3-18-11 for named NRC staff FOIA/PA-2011-0141
Email or electronic messages sent or received including attachments from 3-11-11 to 3-18-11 for named NRC staff including OIP, RI, RII, RIII, RIV, NMSS, NRR, RES & NSIR FOIA/PA-2011-0140
Email or electronic messages sent or received including attachments from 3-11-11 to 3-18-11 for named NRC staff including the Chairman, Commissioners, OCA & OPA FOIA/PA-2011-0139
NRC personnel roster on or about March 23, 2011, specific data requested FOIA/PA-2011-0138
Exemptions to NRC regulations at any nuclear facility, any letters or memos documenting or authorizing FOIA/PA-2011-0137
Calendar/schedule for Chairman & Commissioners – Jaczko & Svinicki 1-10-10 to 3-23-11, Magwood & Ostendorff 4-1-10 to 3-23-11, & Apostolakis 4-23-10 to 3-23-11 FOIA/PA-2011-0136
Fukushima reactors in Japan, all records created since March 10, 2011 containing measurements of radiation released to air, soil & water, analysis of measurements FOIA/PA-2011-0135
Exemptions or amendment to exemptions issued to any commercial reactor or operator of a reactor pursuant to 10 CFR 50.12, copy of each exemption FOIA/PA-2011-0134
Contract NRC-33-01-182-002, all SF 294s & SF 295s FOIA/PA-2011-0133
Radiation exposure on named individual, Metropolis, IL, 1958-1961; plant’s chemical releases (Allied Chemical) FOIA/PA-2011-0132
Inquiry into testimony of EDO interview of CIA Director for Operations Carl Duckett, NRC offices of General Counsel & Inspector & Auditor, February 1978, Vol. III & related documents FOIA/PA-2011-0131
Senator Scott Brown, correspondence between him or his staff & NRC, 2-4-2010 to present FOIA/PA-2011-0130
Comanche Peak plant, latest evacuation plans FOIA/PA-2011-0129
Radiation-emissions data collected in Japan and provided to the U.S., March 1, 2011 to present FOIA/PA-2011-0128
Allegation RIII-09-A-0094 & RIII-10-A-0055, all records FOIA/PA-2011-0127
Nuclear Material Events Database (NMED), all years FOIA/PA-2011-0126
Vacancy Announcement Number RIII/DRP-2011-0004, hiring certificate FOIA/PA-2011-0125
Investigative report on work status on named individual FOIA/PA-2011-0124
Nuclear Material Events Database (NMED), releasable portion & record layout, code sheets, etc. FOIA/PA-2011-0123
Nuclear reactor site locations for the entire U.S. include specific data fields FOIA/PA-2011-0122
Documents created by NRC referencing "Vogtle" & "Japan" and "Summer" & "Japan" since March 11, 2011 FOIA/PA-2011-0121
Japan Earthquake 3/11/11 - All communications between NRC and Government Counterparts in Japan FOIA/PA-2011-0120
Japan Earthquake 3/11/11 - All internal communications in NRC pertaining to the Japanese incidents caused by the Earthquake and Tsunami FOIA/PA-2011-0119
Japan Earthquake 3/11/11 - All communications between the NRC and Department of Energy, GE Energy, and Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy FOIA/PA-2011-0118
Companies or businesses that currently have radioactive material licenses/permits within Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond & Westmoreland Counties, VA FOIA/PA-2011-0117
Material License Tracking System (MLTS), active & retired facilities FOIA/PA-2011-0116
Millstone nuclear power complex, all records including communications with Millstone owners over issues/concerns for past two years FOIA/PA-2011-0115
Radioactive materials license holders in Region III FOIA/PA-2011-0114
Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for License Renewal of Salem/Hope Creek Nuclear Facilities FOIA/PA-2011-0113
Contract #DR3307358 FOIA/PA-2011-0112
1/6/11 Letter to Daryl Shapiro to NRC be made publically available, all correspondence between Ameren & NRC regarding named individual official NRC duties FOIA/PA-2011-0111
Mailing List for RIC 2011 FOIA/PA-2011-0110
Reactor Operator License for San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, Units 2 & 3 for named individual in 1988 FOIA/PA-2011-0109
Sealed Source Device Registration for City Labs, Inc., issued on 10/28/10 FOIA/PA-2011-0108
Listing of all general licenses FOIA/PA-2011-0107
NRC’s FOIA Log 7/1/10-1/1/11 FOIA/PA-2011-0106
Named individual employee file FOIA/PA-2011-0105
Listing of all specific radioactive materials license holders in the jurisdiction of RGN III FOIA/PA-2011-0104
9-17-10 10 CFR 2.206 Request between Ameren Corporation and NRC FOIA/PA-2011-0103
Zoysia Farm Nurseries involvement with Atomic Energy Commission in 1950 FOIA/PA-2011-0102