Recent FOIA Requests - January 2011

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during January 2011. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

List of sites which possess or use Radioactive Materials and are subject to NRC licensing requirements for Harris County, TX FOIA/PA-2011-0077
ROP Budget History – Significant Events Impacting ROP Budgets FOIA/PA-2011-0076
Event # 46225 – Access to the investigation of the disappearance of two Pu-239 solid sources. FOIA/PA-2011-0075
NRC Mailing List - US only. FOIA/PA-2011-0074
2011 Maintenance Schedule for Nuclear Reactors. FOIA/PA-2011-0073
Written reports or emails provided to NRC by Horace McCormack, HGM Management and Technologies, Inc., re: meetings in 2010 with staff and managers of IRSD/OIS. FOIA/PA-2011-0072
Allegation NRR-2005-A-0015 All documents including correspondence between [Named Individual] and NRC. FOIA/PA-2011-0071
Furniture Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, installation and Repairs Invoice for past two years FOIA/PA-2011-0070
Oyster Creek Fire Protection Exemption Requests dated March 3 & 4, 2009, all records FOIA/PA-2011-0069
Reactor Operator License, docket no. 55-70265, RO-70138 FOIA/PA-2011-0068
Terminal Court, 815 Terminal Road, Lansing, MI, all documents  concerning this property FOIA/PA-2011-0067
Indian Point Spill into Hudson River November 7, 2010 FOIA/PA-2011-0066
Inquiries, allegations, accusations, investigations, and grievances on named individual from April 2007 to date FOIA/PA-2011-0065
Senior Reactor Operator License issued in 2003 at Cooper Nuclear Station in Brownville, NE FOIA/PA-2011-0064
E.R. Squibb/Bristol Myers Squibb, all records including, licenses, applications, violations, and inspections FOIA/PA-2011-0063
Callaway Plant, October 21, 2003 inadvertent passive reactor shutdown, all documents produced by named NRC employee FOIA/PA-2011-0062
All records regarding Contract NRC-41-10-017 (Base Awarded Contract, Amendments, and Statement of Work) FOIA/PA-2011-0061
Records of any discussion on the Peoples Republic of China on possible U.S. - Chinese Defense Relations CON-2011-0005
SRO licenses by Region II; number of active SRO licenses issued to new applicants, & number of new applicants which previously held a license FOIA/PA-2011-0060
Nuclear Reactors that have had some sort of Release and Cleanup FOIA/PA-2011-0059
Reciprocity Approvals issues by NRC 1/1/10-12/31/10 FOIA/PA-2011-0058
RIV-2009-A-0107, all investigative materials for whistleblower complaint FOIA/PA-2011-0057
All material created during or supporting the granting of security clearance FOIA/PA-2011-0056
All records involving use of radioactive isotopes, pellets, implanted in patients at the Veterans Hospital in Wilkes-Barre PA and Lebanon to treat prostate cancer FOIA/PA-2011-0055