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Date Document Number Description
03/22/2017 II-17-011 NRC To Conduct Special Inspection at Turkey Point Nuclear Plant
II-17-010 NRC to Discuss 2016 Summer Nuclear Performance and Construction
03/21/2017 IV-17-005 NRC to Conduct Public Meeting to Discuss 2016 Performance of Grand Gulf Nuclear Station
03/20/2017 I-17-007 NRC to Discuss 2016 Performance at Millstone Station Meeting with Connecticut Nuclear Energy Advisory Council
03/16/2017 17-013 NRC Extends Public Involvement Opportunities for Waste Control Specialists' Spent Fuel Storage Application
03/15/2017 17-012 NRC To Begin Full Certification Review of NuScale Small Modular Reactor
03/14/2017 I-17-006 NRC to Conduct Open House to Discuss 2016 Performance of Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Plant
I-17-005 NRC to Hold Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Public Exit Meeting for Inspection, Annual Assessment Discussion
03/10/2017 17-010 NRC Releases Draft Regulatory Basis for Decommissioning Rule
03/10/2017 II-17-009 NRC Schedules Conference with FPL to Discuss Inspection Finding at St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant
03/09/2017 17-011 NRC to Hold Mandatory Hearing on North Anna New Reactor Application March 23 in Rockville, Md.
03/09/2017 II-17-008 NRC Names Resident Inspector at St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant
03/08/2017 III-17-002 NRC Names New Senior Resident Inspector at Braidwood Nuclear Plant
03/08/2017 IV-17-004 NRC To Hold Public Meeting on Arkansas Nuclear One
03/08/2017 II-17-007 NRC Names Senior Resident Inspector at BWXT Nuclear Fuel Facility in Lynchburg
03/07/2017 II-17-006 NRC Names Senior Inspector at Vogtle Nuclear Plant
03/06/2017 IV-17-003 NRC Will Conduct a Special Inspection at Cooper Nuclear Station
03/03/2017 17-009 NRC Announces Senior Management Appointment for Frederick D. Brown
17-008 NRC Approves License Transfer of FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant
17-007 NRC Issues Annual Assessments for Nation’s Nuclear Plants
03/01/2017 I-17-004 NRC to Hold Regulatory Conference with Exelon Regarding Apparent Violation at Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant
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Date Document Number Description
02/28/2017 II-17-005 NRC Names New Resident Inspector at Robinson Nuclear Plant
02/27/2017 II-17-004 NRC Announces Resident Inspectors at Turkey Point Nuclear Plant
02/24/2017 17-006 NRC Issues License to AUC LLC for Reno Creek Uranium Recovery Facility in Wyoming
II-17-003 NRC Closes Confirmatory Order Related to Fire Protection at Oconee Nuclear Plant
II-17-002 NRC Announces Senior Resident Inspector at McGuire Nuclear Plant
02/23/2017 II-17-001 NRC Announces Resident Inspectors at Catawba Nuclear Plant
02/14/2017 III-17-001 NRC Issues Order Prohibiting Radiographer From Participating in Licensed Activities for One Year
02/06/2017 I-17-003 NRC Assigns New Senior Resident Inspector to Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant
IV-17-002 NRC Begins Special Inspection at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
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Date Document Number Description
01/30/2017 17-005 NRC Proposes Annual Fees for FY 2017
01/26/2017 IV-17-001 NRC Names New Resident Inspector at River Bend Nuclear Plant


NRC to Review WCS Application, Announces Hearing Opportunity And Meetings on Scope of Environmental Review
01/23/2017 I-17-002 NRC Plans Plymouth Public Meeting to Discuss Reviews at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant
01/19/2017 I-17-001 NRC Names New Resident Inspector at Beaver Valley Nuclear Plant
17-003 NRC Completes Safety Review of Proposed New Reactor at North Anna Site in Virginia
01/12/2017 17-002 NRC Accepts Application for Early Site Permit At Clinch River Site In Tennessee
01/11/2017 17-001 Registration Opens for NRC's 2017 Regulatory Information Conference
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