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Commission Memorandum and Order of May 23, 1980 (Referencing IEB 79-01b Supplement 2 - q.2 & 3 - Sept 30, 1980 (Generic Letter 80-102)


                              UNITED STATES 
                          WASHINGTON, D.C.  20555 
                             November 25, 1980 

All Applicants for Operating Licenses and Holders of Construction Permits 


Reference:  IE Bulletin 79-01B - Supplement No. 2 - Q. 2 & 3 - (Sept. 30, 

     In its Memorandum and  Order of May 23, 1980, the Commission imposed a 
deadline that, no later than June 30, 1982, all safety-related electrical 
equipment in all operating plants shall be qualified to the DOR Guidelines 
or NUREG-0588.  Clarification of the required information, methods of 
qualification, applicability of standards, and other issues were addressed 
at regional meetings with licensees during the week of July 17, 1980. 
Further clarification was supplied by the Reference which was sent to all 
operating license applicants for information.  The purpose of this letter is
to provide operating license applicants, who have not submitted information 
supporting the environmental qualification of electrical equipment submittal
dates for this information. 

     To effectively address equipment qualification of electrical equipment 
for operating license applications, the staff reviews are being divided into
two categories.  The first consists of those plants for which a full power 
license is expected to be issued before February 1, 1981, and the second 
will consist of those for which a full power license is expected to be 
issued after February 1, 1981. 

     For the first group, the staff will perform a mini-review in the area 
of equipment qualification as a part of its safety evaluation report for the
application of a full power operating license.  Prior to February 1, 1981, a 
full review equivalent to that currently being done for all operating plants 
will be completed and reported in a supplement to the Safety Evaluation 
Report.  It is expected that each applicant would promptly correct any known 
deficiencies or provide sufficient justification for plant operation pending 
completion of the corrective action.  In order to support the mini-review, 
all requested environmental qualification must be submitted at least six 
weeks prior to the expected date of issuance of a full power license.  Those 
applicants in the second group must submit the required information at least 
four months in advance of the expected date of issuance of a full power 

                                  - 2 -

     You are requested to respond with your commitment dates for providing 
the required information.  In any case, all plants operating before June 30,
1982 are required to have all safety-related electrical equipment fully 
qualified to the applicable standard by that date. 


                                      Robert L. Tedesco, Assistant Director 
                                        for Licensing 
                                      Division of Licensing 

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