Emergency Preparedness (Generic Letter 80-93)


                               UNITED STATES 
                          WASHINGTON, D.C. 20555 

                                NOV 6, 1980 

To All Nonpower Reactor Licensees 


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has upgraded its Emergency Preparedness 
Regulations to ensure that adequate protective measures can and will be 
taken in the event of a radiological emergency. The final rule consists of 
amendments to 10 CFR Parts 50 and 70, was published in the Federal Register 
on August 19, 1980, and became effective November 3, 1980.  In addition, the
requirements in 10 CFR 50, Appendix E, are clarified and upgraded. These 
amendments apply to both Power and Nonpower Reactor Licensees. The rule 
establishes the requirement for submission of new upgraded emergency plans 
and associated implementing procedures for NRC review and approval. 

A summary of the final rule is as follows: 

     1.   10 CFR SS 50.54 (Conditions of Licenses) is amended by adding two 
          new paragraphs (q) and (r) which affect nonpower reactors. 

          a.   Section 50.54(q) requires that each licensee authorized to 
               possess and/or operate a research reactor or a fuel facility 
               shall follow and maintain in effect emergency plans which 
               meet the requirements in Appendix E of 10 CFR 50. 

          b.   Section 50.54(r) requires each licensee who is authorized to 
               possess and/or operate a research reactor facility with an 
               authorized power level greater than or equal to 500 Kw 
               thermal, shall submit emergency plans complying with 10 CFR 
               50, Appendix E, to the Director of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
               for approval within one year of the effective dare of this 
               rule, and all other research or test reactor facilities shall
               submit emergency plans within two years of the effective date
               of his rule. All licensees that are in the license renewal 
               process will be required to upgrade their plans to the 
               revised criteria as a condition of the renewal. 

     2.   10 CFR 50, Appendix E, "Emergency Planning and Preparedness for 
          Production and Utilization Facilities", establishes minimum 
          requirements for emergency plans for use in attaining an 
          acceptable state of emergency preparedness, and recognizes that: 


                                 - 2 -  

          a.   The potential radiological hazards to the public associated 
               with the operation of research and test reactors and fuel 
               facilities licensed under 10 CFR Parts 50 and 70 involve o 
               consideration different than those associated with nuclear 
               power reactors. 

          b.   Consequently, the size of any required Emergency Planning 
               Zones for facilities other than power reactors and the degree
               to which compliance with the requirements of Sections I 
               through V of Appendix E will be determined on a case-by- case

     3.   Regulatory Guide 2.6 (For Comment) "Emergency Planning for 
          Research Reactors", will be used as guidance for the acceptability 
          of research and test reactor emergency plans. 
     A copy of the Federal Register Notice Volume 45, Number 162 dated 
     August 19, 1980, is enclosed for your information. 

     Any questions regarding Emergency Planning can be addressed to the 
     Emergency Preparedness Development Branch (Steve L. Ramos (301) 
     492-8119 or Eugene Bates (301) 492-8639). Further, it would be helpful 
     if you would submit the name(s) of personnel in your organization 
     responsible for emergency planning to: 
                              Steve L. Ramos, Chief 
                              Emergency Preparedness Development Branch 
                              Emergency Preparedness Program Office  
                              U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 
                              Washington, D.C. 20555 


                                      Robert L. Tedesco, Assistant Director 
                                          for Licensing 
                                      Division of Licensing 

Enclosure:     Federal Register Notice 
                 dtd. August 19, 1980 


DOCKET NO.                         DOCKET NO.                    DOCKET NO. 

50-70                              50-133                        50-186
50-184                             50-224                        50-123
50-13                              50-326                        50-396
50-360                             50-357                        50-62
50-225                             50-151                        50-139
50-394                             50-166                        50-124
50-77                              50-192                        50-87
50-276                             50-407                        50-134
50-284                             50-156                        
50-538                             50-131
50-59                              50-99
50-598                             50-262
50-406                             50-97
50-98                              50-73
50-252                             50-160
50-112                             50-116
50-72                              50-199
50-228                             50-20
50-170                             50-297
50-208                             50-375
50-157                             50-150
50-264                             50-182
50-163                             50-193
50-89                              50-57                         
50-274                             50-54
50-188                             50-142
50-294                             50-433
50-187                             50-83
50-243                             50-356
50-5                               50-148
50-288                             50-223
50-128                             50-2


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