IEB 79-01b Supplement 2 Environmental Qualification of Class 1E Equipment (Generic Letter 80-82)


                                                         SSINS:   6820 
                                                         Accession No.: 
                                                         IEB 79-01B, Suppl. 2 

                                 UNITED STATES 
                         NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION 
                           WASHINGTON, D.C.   20555 

                                IE Bulletin No. 79-01B 
                                Supplement No. 2 
                                Date:  September 30, 1980 


Enclosed are the generic questions and answers which resulted from 
NRC/Licensee meetings in NRC Regional Offices during the week of July 14, 
1980 regarding environmental qualification of Class 1E equipment in use at 
power reactor facilities.  These answers address specific questions asked 
during the meetings.  Due to the generic nature of some of these questions, 
the staff is issuing them as a bulletin supplement.  The regional meetings 
highlighted the fact that in some cases, the scope and depth of the 79-01B 
review was not clear to licensees.  Therefore, these answers may affect your 
79-01B submittal.  These submittals are required by a separate order to be 
completed by November 1, 1980. 

Some answers given in Supplement No. 1 to IEB-79-01B are superseded by these
answers.  For example, in Bulletin Supplement No. 1, issued on February 29, 
1980, the answer to question No. 5 specified that TMI lessons learned 
equipment was not included in the review.  However, due to the extension of 
the response date from April 14, 1980 to November 1, 1980, this equipment is
now being addressed since its installation is either complete or required 
before the issuance of the February 1, 1981 SER.  (See Question No. 21 of 
this Supplement.) 

No specific response is requested by this Supplement; however, all answers 
contained in the enclosure to this Supplement should be carefully reviewed 
and considered for applicability in your response to IEB 79-01B. 

IE Bulletin No. 79-01B was issued under a blanket GAO clearance (B180225 
(ROO72); clearance expired July 31, 1980) specifically for identified 
generic problems.  Supplement No. 2 to Bulletin 79-01B is for information, 
hence no GAO clearance is required. 

1.  Generic Questions and Answers 
    to IEB79-01B and Memorandum 
    and Order (CLI-80-21) dated May 23, 1980


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