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Five Additional TMI-2 Related Requirements to Operating Reactors (Generic Letter 80-37)


                               UNITED STATES 
                          WASHINGTON, D.C. 20555 
                                May 7, 1980 




Over the past few months, the NRC has been developing its requirements that 
flow from various reviews following the TMI accident of March 28, 1979.  All
TMI-related issues are being included in the NRC's TMI Action Plan.  On 
September 13, 1979, you were informed of the first set of TMI-related 
actions based upon Lessons Learned that were required for operating 

On February 8, 1980, the Commission preliminarily approved the Near-Term 
Operating License requirements of the TMI Action Plan.  There are five items
that are applicable to operating reactors and constitute a second set of 
requirements for operating reactors.  They are as follows: (1) I.A.1.3-Shift
Manning; (2) I.A.3.1 - Licensing Examinations: (3) I.C.5 - Licensee 
Dissemination of Operating Experiences; (4) II.K.3 - LOFW and Small Break 
LOCA Generic Review Matters; and (5) III.D.3.4 - Control Room Habitability. 
These matters are specified in the Task Action Plan (NUREG 0660, May 1980). 

Items 1, 2, 3, and 5 involve actions for all reactor plants whereas item 4 
concerns only specific light water reactor types.  Item 4 involves 28 
separate actions; i.e., 15 for BWR plants (including 1 for Big Rock); 7 for 
PWR plants (including 3 for Westinghouse designs); and 6 for all light water
reactor plants.  Five of the items are applicable to Fort St. Vrain. 
Requirements for the implementation of each of these actions are provided in
this letter, except for items (1) and (2).  Item (1) will be provided 
shortly through separate correspondence and Item (2) was provided to you by 
letter dated March 28, 1980. 

The implementation schedule for the five action items as they apply to the 
various operating reactor designs is given in Enclosure (1). Enclosure (2), 
(3) and (4) are specific with regard to the three remaining items as they 
apply to any specific plant design.  Each enclosure consists of two parts; 
i.e., the first part is the staff requirement and the second part is a copy 
of the applicable section of the plan.  The NUREG reports re enced in these 
enclosures will be provided to you shortly through separate correspondence. 

                                  - 2 -

Each of the specific actions includes an implementation schedule as to how 
and when the particular action is to be carried out.  three classes are 
indicated: i.e., Class 1 involves no hardware changes and requires that the 
actions to be implemented by the specified date; Class 2 involves possible 
hardware changes that may be effected without prior staff review and Class 3 
involves hardware changes that would be made subsequent to staff review and 

You are requested to reply within 30 days stating your commitment to meet 
these requirements and associated schedules. 


                                        Darrell G. Eisenhut, Director 
                                        Division of Licensing 

Additional Operating
  Requirements as Stated

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