Transmittal of NUREG-0654, "Criteria For Preparation and Evaluation of Radiological Emergency Response Plans and Preparedness in Support of Nuclear Power Plants" (Generic Letter 80-22)

                                 UNITED STATES 
                         NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION 
                            WASHINGTON, D.C.  20555 

                                March 10, 1980 



This letter is being sent to all licensees authorized to operate a nuclear 
power reactor and to all applicants for a license to operate a nuclear power
reactor (FSAR docketed).  As you know, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission 
(NRC), is proposing to amend its regulations to provide an interim upgrade 
of NRC emergency planning regulations.  In support of the proposed rule and 
other ongoing emergency preparedness efforts, the NRC staff and the Federal 
Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have developed interim guidance and 
upgraded acceptance criteria that will be used to determine the adequacy of 
emergency preparedness at each nuclear power plant as well as the State and 
local governments involved.  This document, entitled "Criteria for 
Preparation and Evaluation of Radiological Emergency Response Plants (For 
Interim Use and Comment)", NUREG-0654-REP-1 is enclosed. 

This document should be used as interim guidance in assuring that the level 
of emergency planning is promptly upgraded at and around each nuclear power 
plant.  NUREG-0654 will be used to evaluate emergency plans submitted in 
accordance with D. Eisenhut's October 10, 1979, letter to all power reactor 
licensees.  These plans are currently under review by the joint NRC/FEMA 
emergency preparedness evaluation teams.  In addition, emergency plan 
revisions submitted pursuant to the adoption of the final rule will also be 
evaluated against NUREG-0654, incorporating any revisions to the criteria 
resulting from the rulemaking and comment process. 

The proposed rule (50.54(s)) would require that each licensee submit, within
60 days of the effective date of the amendment, the upgraded radiological 
emergency response plans of State and local governments in the plume and 
ingestion emergency planning zones.  The proposed rule does not contain a 
similar 60 day submittal requirement for facility emergency plans.  However,
the proposed rule (50.54(v)) would require that each licensee have revised 
emergency plans in place within 180 days after the effective date of the 

final rule or by January 1, 1981, whichever is sooner.  The staff is 
considering recommending to the Commission that the final rule require that 
each licensee submit the upgraded radiological emergency response plan of 
the facility within the same time period required in the final rule for the 
submission of State and local plans by the licensee. 

For further information please contact Mr. Frank G. Pagano on 301-492-7846. 

                                      Brian K. Grimes, Director 
                                      Emergency Preparedness Task Group 
                                      Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation 

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