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Qualification of Safety Related Electrical Equipment (Generic Letter 80-13)


                                FEB 21 1980 




To ensure the adequacy of electrical equipment environmental qualification 
programs for those nuclear power plants required to satisfy the requirements
set forth in the 1971 or 1974 version of IEEE Std. 323, the staff has 
developed additional guidance set forth in the NUREG-0588, "Interim Staff 
Position on Environmental qualification of Safety-Related Electrical 
Equipment". A "For Comment" copy of this document was mailed to you on 
January 9, 1980. Our letter of February 5, 1980. Our letter of February 5, 
1980, noted the issuance of NUREG-0588 and described the staff plans to 
implement NUREG-0588 and IEEE Std. 323-1974. 

Prior to the completion of our review of your application, it is necessary 
that we establish that you conform to the staff position or that you have 
used other equally acceptable methods. To assist us in that effort, you are 
requested to review your equipment qualification documentation (exclusive of
seismic qualification considerations which are being addressed separately) 
for each item of safety-related electrical equipment to identify the degree 
to which your qualification program complies with the staff's position 
described in NUREG-0588. Where there are deviations, you should provide the 
basis for concluding that your program demonstrates the item in question is 
qualified for its service conditions. Should you conclude that your 
qualification program does not adequately demonstrate that an item is 
qualified for its service conditions, that item should be requalified in 
accordance with the position described in NUREG-0588 and the implementation 
guidance provided to you in our letter dated February 5, 1980. 

You should document, in a separate report or in your FSAR, the results of 
your review for each item of safety-related electrical equipment. As a part 
of this documentation, you are requested to provide a tabular listing of all
such equipment and appropriate qualification-related data for each item in 
accordance with the enclosure, "Example Table - Environmental Qualification 
of Electrical Equipment". This table should include all equipment located 
both inside and outside containment, including balance-of-plant equipment 
and equipment supplied by your nuclear steam system supplier. This table 
will assist us in our audit of your qualification review documentation. 


                                  - 2 -                        FEB 21 1980 


We expect to resolve comments on NUREG-0588 and issued the staff position in
effective form by April 1980.  While we do not anticipate that major changes
will be made in NUREG-0588 as a result of the comment process, we will 
inform you of any modifications we plan to make as soon as they are 

Please advise us of your schedule for completing this review 


                                        D. F. Ross, Jr., Acting Director 
                                        Division of Project Management 
                                        Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation

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