Emergency Plans Submittal Dates (Generic Letter 79-50)


                               UNITED STATES 
                         WASHINGTON. D. C.  20555 



This letter is being sent to all licensees authorized to operate a nuclear 
power reactor and to all applicants with application for a license to 
operate a power reactor (FSAR docketed). 

The NRC recently held regional meetings to discuss the recent impacts on 
emergency planning and the current regulations, guidance documents and 
reports concerning emergency planning. At these meetings, the NRR staff 
explained that the upgraded emergency plans would be required five weeks 
after the NRR review team site visit.  Due to subsequent meetings with many 
licensees and applicants, the staff has determined that it is necessary to 
revise the plan preparation and submittal time. 

The upgraded emergency plans for all facilities listed number one through 
number three in enclosure 1 should be submitted, as previously scheduled, 
five weeks after the NRR review team site visit.  The upgraded emergency 
plans for all facilities listed number four through nine should be submitted
by January 1, 1980. This schedule provides for a longer preparation time for
the majority of facilities and provides the staff with a more detailed plan 
to review prior to the site visit. 

The upgraded emergency plans should be submitted in accordance with the 
format of Regulatory Guide 1.101. The upgraded emergency plans will be 
evaluated against the requirements of Appendix E to 10 CFR Part 50, the 
regulatory positions set forth in Regulatory Guide 1.101, and the acceptance
criteria contained in Emergency Planning Review Guidelines Number One -
Revision One dated September 7, 1979 (enclosed). 

Enclosed for your information and use is a document on the basis for 
emergency actions levels that has been provided to the review teams for 
interim use.  Your comments on this document are requested. Comments should 
be sent to the Secretary of the Commission, U. S. Nuclear Regulatory 
Commission, Washington, D. C. 20555, Attention: Docketing and Service 
Branch. All comments received by December 1, 1979 will be considered by the 

The NRR staff is continuing their efforts to develop a model plan and will 
strive to complete their developmental work at the earliest possible date. 

                                  - 2 -

Each licensee should provide copies of this material to the cognizant State,
local entities and also known regional Federal offices involved in emergency
preparedness activities. Each licensee will have the responsibility of 
making arrangements for discussions between the NRC teams and State and 
local officials during the team site visits. 

For further information or comments please contact Mr. Frank G. Pagano on 
(301) 492-7846. 


                                   Darrell G. Eisenhut, Acting Director 
                                   Division of Operating Reactors 

1.   Emergency Planning Review 
          Responsibility and Order 
          of Review dated 
          September 7, 1979 
2.   Emergency Planning Review 
          Guideline Number One -
          Revision One dated 
          September 7, 1979
3.   Basis for Emergency Action 
          Levels for Nuclear Power 
          Facilities dated 
          September 14, 1979

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