Transmitting NUREG-0578, "TMI-2 Lessons Learned" (Generic Letter 79-32)


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     Enclosed for your information is the first report of the TMI-2 Lessons 
     Learned Task Force. It contains a set of short term recommendations to 
     be implemented in two stages over the next 18 months on operating 
     plants, plants under construction, and pending construction permit 
     applications. There are 23 specific recommendations which would provide
     substantial, additional protection for the public health and safety. 

     Three of the recommendations appear to require changes in existing 
     regulations for which the Task Force recommends immediate effective 
     rulemaking. They are: 1)inerting of Mark I and Mark II BWR containments
     that are not already inerted; 2) provision of the capability to install
     an external recombiner for plants that do not already have recombiners;
     and, 3) revised limiting conditions of operation to operating licenses 
     for total loss of safety system availability through human or 
     operational error. 

     While the Task Force recommended actions were discussed with the 
     Regulatory Requirements Review Committee, the Commission, the TMI-
     Subcommittee of the ACRS, and ACRS, the final management review is 
     still underway. Final review of the Director of Nuclear Reactor 
     Regulation has not been completed. Upon completion of his review and 
     final approval, further guidance will be provided. 

                                  - 2 -

     Now that specific recommendations for short term action have been 
     identified by the Lessons Learned Task Force, the Task Force will turn 
     to broader, more fundamental interests as described in Section 3 of the
     enclosed report. The Task Force intends to develop its final 
     recommendations into a report to be released in early September 1979. 
     The final report will also be sent to all applicants, permittees and 


                                      Domenic E. Vassallo, Acting Director 
                                      Division of Project Management 
                                      Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation 

     NUREG-0578, "TMI-2 Lessons Learned 
       Task Force Status Report and 
       Short-Term Recommendations" 

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     Service List for each
     utility listed on attached sheet

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