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Information Required to Review Corporate Capabilities (Generic Letter 79-25)




As one of the results of the recent Three Mile Island-2 accident, the NRC 
staff is conducting an overall review and evaluation of the management and 
technical resources available to utilities who own and operate nuclear power
plants to handle unusual events of that type. The information required to 
perform this effort on your utility is identified in the enclosure. 

You are requested to submit the information appropriate to your utility by 
July 30, 1979. If you cannot meet this date, please advise us promptly. 

Should you have any questions relative to this request, please contact Mr. 
Walter P. Haass, Chief, Quality Assurance Branch, Office of Nuclear Reactor 
Regulation, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission at (301) 492-7741. 


                                        Harold R. Denton, Director 
                                        Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation

Information Required to Review Corporate Capabilities
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