Transmitting Regulatory Guide 2.6 For Comment (Generic Letter 79-10)


                               UNITED STATES 
                         WASHINGTON, D. C. 20555 

                            February 28, 1979 


Regulatory Guide 2.6 

On February 23. 1979, the Commission published for comment a new Regulatory 
Guide 2.6, "Emergency Planning for Research Reactors." Although promulgated 
to many licensees, a review of the distribution list reveals that all 
nonpower reactor licensees may not have received a copy. We are therefore 
providing each of you a copy and directing your attention to the general 
note that comments received within two months of issuance will be useful in 
evaluating the need for early revision. 

This guide was developed in most part nearly two years ago when it appeared 
that the NRC staff would not be able to endorse ANSI/ANS 15.16-1978, 
"Emergency Planning for Research Reactors" which was in the development 
stages. However, after the initial work on the guide was completed, 
discussions, with the ANS 15 standards work group led to improvement in both
the Regulatory Guide and Standard and NRC staff approval of the Standard. 
NRC is presently not actively pursuing any new Regulatory Guides for 
nonpower reactors and therefore is not likely to endorse any standard. But 
because Regulatory Guide 2.6 provides greater guidance than ANSI/ANS 
15.16-1978 and we believe it will be useful to some licensees in developing 
their emergency plans, Regulatory Guide 2.6 was promulgated "For Comment" in 
its existing form. Soliciting comments in this manner is consistent with 
Commission policy (Press release dated November 22, 1978) whereby greater 
public input is obtained in developing regulatory requirements. Upon 
resumption of work on regulatory guides for nonpower reactors and based on 
comments received, Regulatory Guide 2.6 would then be issued for use. 

10 CFR 73.47 

As you are aware from promulgation of proposed 10 CFR 73.47 in May 1978, and
subsequent meetings to discuss the rule and its impact on nonpower reactors,
the NRC staff has proposed that amendments be made to its regulations for 
the physical protection of special nuclear materials and nonpower reactor 
facilities. These proposed amendments are designed to provide a level of 
protection equivalent to that recommended in Information Circular 225 
(Revision 1) by the International Atomic Energy Agency. 


LICENSEES                         - 2 -  

As the proposed regulations would require physical protection measures to be
established to detect theft of special nuclear material of moderate and low 
strategic significance, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation Safeguards 
representatives are planning to visit all affected nonpower reactor 
facilities to assist in the review and assessment of site specific 
characteristics. Concomitant to this, the representatives will discuss the 
proposed regulation and supporting guidance to provide you with guidance in 
preparation of any required changes or amendments. Specific dates and times 
of visits will be arranged with licensees on an individual basis. The 
proposed regulation (10 CFR 73.47) and regulatory guide will be provided 
once approved by the Commission. 


                                        Robert W. Reid, Chief 
                                        Operating Reactors Branch #4 
                                        Division of Operating Reactors 

Regulatory Guide 2.6 (For Comment Issuance) 

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