Amendment to 10 CFR 73.55 (Generic Letter 79-08)


                               UNITED STATES 
                          WASHINGTON, D. C. 20555 

                                FEB 20 1979 

All Power Reactor Licensees 


Re:  AMENDMENT TO 10 CFR 73.55 

This letter is being sent to all licensees authorized to operate a nuclear 
power reactor and to all applicants with applications for a license to 
operate a power reactor to advise you that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
regulation 10 CFR 73.55, "Requirements for Physical Protection of Licensed 
Activities in Nuclear Power Reactors Against Industrial Sabotage." Enclosed 
is a copy of the FEDERAL REGISTER an effective immediately on publication. 

The amendment defer implementation of the physical search requirement of 
paragraph (d) (1) for regular employees of a licensee, the two-man rule and 
compartmentalization for protection against insider sabotage. The deferral 
for these measures is from February 23, 1979 to August 1, 1979. The deferral
for the implementation of these measure applies to all security plans 
(submitted pursuant to 10 CFR 73.55) approved by the Commission's Staff as 
well as the security plans still under review. 

This action does not alter the requirement for you to fully implement all 
other security systems, measures and procedures described in your SS 73.55 
security plan on or before February 23, 1979. Accordingly, NRC inspections 
after February 23, 1979 will be based upon your site security plan developed
to meet the requirements of SS 73.55. 

For any further information on the deferral of these measure, please contact
Robert A. Clark, Chief, Reactor Safeguards Licensing Branch, on 


                                        Harold R. Denton, Director 
                                        Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation

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