Circulars - 1976 Index

Document NumberTitleRevisionPublish DateReviewed Date
CR-76-07Inadequate Performance by Reactor Operating and Support Staff Members--12/17/1976--
CR-76-06Stress Corrosion Cracks in Stagnant, Low Pressure Stainless Piping Containing Boric Acid Solution at PWRs--11/22/1976--
CR-76-05Hydraulic Shock and Sway Suppressors - Maintenance of Bleed and Lock-up Velocities on ITT Grinnell Models--10/08/1976--
CR-76-04Neutron Monitor and Flow Bypass Switch Malfunctions--09/29/1976--
CR-76-03Radiation Exposures in Reactor Cavities--09/10/1976--
CR-76-02Relay Failures - Westinghouse BF (ac) and BFD (dc) Relays--08/16/1976--
CR-76-01Crane Hoist Control Circuit Modifications--07/27/1976--