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Escalated Enforcement Actions Issued to Fuel Cycle Facilites - L

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NRC Action Number(s) and
Facility Name
Action Type
(Severity) &
Civil Penalty
(if any)
Louisiana Energy Services, LLC
06/14/2018 On June 14, 2018, the NRC issued a Notice of Violation to Louisiana Energy Services, LLC (LES) facility in Eunice, New Mexico for a Severity Level III violation. Specifically, the implementing procedure for items relied on for safety (IROFS) 16e and 16f, Procedure OP-3-0420-01, "Product System," did not provide adequate guidance to verify the type of cylinder to be processed on the licensee's logistics software and ensure that the correct IROFS 16 was implemented. Consequently, prior to filling a 30B cylinder with enriched UF6, operators failed to verify that the cylinder being loaded was a heeled cylinder and performed the incorrect IROFS that corresponded to a new/cleaned cylinder. As a result, the appropriate IROFS were not applied to limit the risk of a credible high-consequence event during product cylinder loading to the extent needed to reduce the likelihood of occurrence so that the event was highly unlikely.

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