Combined Index of Related Commission Documents for 1996

Secy No. Description SECY Paper SRM CVR Transcript
SECY-96-267 Fire Protection Functional Inspection Program PDF Icon      
SECY-96-218 Quarterly Status Update for the Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) Implementation Plan, Including a Discussion of Four Emerging Policy Issues Associated with Risk-Informed Performance-Based Regulation PDF Icon PDF Icon    
SECY-96-200 Updated Status of the NRC Recycle and Reuse Rulemaking Plan PDF Icon      
SECY-96-193 Abnormal Occurrence Reports: Implementation of Section 208 Energy Reorganization Act of 1974; Final Policy   PDF Icon    
SECY-96-191 Status of the Maintenance Rule PDF Icon      
SECY-96-187 Policy Issues Raised In Meeting with Prairie Island Dakota Indian Representatives PDF Icon PDF Icon    
SECY-96-134 Options for Pursiung Regulatory Improvement in Fire Protection Regulations for Nuclear Power Plants PDF Icon      
SECY-96-133 Litigation Report - 1996 - 5 PDF Icon      
SECY 96-131 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending June 14, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-130 Removal of Frome Investment Company (Brooks & Perkins Corporation) Site from the Site Decommissioning Management Plan PDF Icon      
SECY-96-129 Administrative Letter on Licensee Responsibilities Related to Financial Qualifications and Associated Forwarding Letter PDF Icon      
SECY-96-128 Policy and Key Technical Issues Pertaining to the Westinghouse AP600 Standardized Passive Reactor Design PDF Icon      
SECY-96-125 NRC Plans to Participate in the OECD Halden Reactor Project During 1997-1999 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-123 Proposed Changes to the NRC Operator Licensing Program PDF Icon PDF Icon    
SECY-96-122 Proposed NRC Generic Letter Titled "Boraflex Degradation in Spent Fuel Pool Storage Racks" PDF Icon      
SECY 96-121 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending May 31, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-120 Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Refocused Prelicensing High-Level Waste Repository Program PDF Icon      
SECY-96-119 Response to Public Comments on Draft Regulatory Guide, "Topical Guidelines for the Licensing Support System" (DG-3009) and Corresponding Revisions to the Regulatory Guide PDF Icon      
SECY-96-118 Amendments to 10 CFR Parts 50, 52, and 100, and Issuance of a New Appendix S to Part 50 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-117 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending May 24, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-115 Proposed Staff Response to Prior Notification of Additional Planned Activities at the Yankee Nuclear Power Station PDF Icon      
SECY-96-114 Proposed License to Export Major Reactor Components (XR164) and Special Nuclear Material (XSNM02858) to Colombia PDF Icon      
SECY-96-113 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending May 17, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-112 Ten-year License Terms for Uranium Recovery Licensees PDF Icon      
SECY-96-111 Litigation Report - 1996 - 4 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-110 Completion of Response to the Staff Requirements Memorandum, for SECY-95-249, on Risk Harmonization White Paper and Recommendations by the Interagency Steering Committee on Radiation Standards PDF Icon      
SECY-96-108 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending May 10, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-107 Uniform Tracking of Agency Generic Technical Issues PDF Icon      
SECY-96-106 Staff's Proposal for License Termination for Schott Glass Technologies, Incorporated, Duryea, Pennsylvania, and Removal of the Site from the Site Decommissioning Management Plan PDF Icon      
SECY-96-105 Rulemaking Plan for Amendments to 10 CFR 73.55, Changes to Nuclear Power Plant Security Requirements PDF Icon      
SECY-96-103 Regulatory Issues in Low-Level Radioactive Waste Performance Assessment PDF Icon      
SECY-96-100 Final Amendments to 10 CFR Parts 20 and 35 on Criteria for the Release of Individuals Administered Radioactive Material PDF Icon      
SECY-96-099 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending May 3, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-098 Final Policy Statement - Conversion to the Metric System PDF Icon      
SECY-96-094 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending April 26, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-093 Guidance for Senior Management Meeting and Plant Evaluation Processes PDF Icon      
SECY-96-092 Progress of Resolution of Generic Safety Issues PDF Icon      
SECY-96-091 Rulemaking Plan: Self-Guarantee for Non-Profit and Non-Bond Issuing Licensees PDF Icon      
SECY-96-090 Standard Review Plan Update and Development Program PDF Icon      
SECY-96-089 Comparison of Costs of Generic Requirements Estimated by the NRC with Those Estimated by Industry; Staff Effort Expended on Generic Activities PDF Icon      
SECY-96-088 Status of the Integration Plan for Closure of Severe Accident Issues and the Status of Severe Accident Research PDF Icon      
SECY-96-087 Proposed NRC Bulletin Titled "Potential Plugging of Emergency-Core Suction Cooling Strainers by Debris in Boiling-Water Reactors" PDF Icon      
SECY-96-086 Final Rulemaking - Revision to 10 CFR Parts 2, 50, and 51, Related to Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Reactors PDF Icon      
SECY-96-085 NRC'S Drug Testing Program PDF Icon      
SECY-96-084 Annual Report on the Status of Prematurely Shutdown Plants PDF Icon      
SECY-96-083 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending April 19, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-082 EPA Proposed Rule and Scheduling Issues Related to Preparation of a Final Rule on Radiological Criteria for License Termination   PDF Icon    
SECY-96-081 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending April 12, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-080 Issuance of Final Amendment to 10 CFR � 50.55a to Incorporate by Reference the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (ASME Code), Section XI, Division 1, Subsection IWE and Subsection IWL PDF Icon      
SECY-96-079 Alternatives for Regulating Fuel Cycle Facilities PDF Icon PDF Icon    
SECY-96-078 Withdrawal of Proposed Amendments to 10 CFR 150.15, Reasserting NRC'S Authority for Approving Onsite Low-Level Waste Disposal in Agreement States PDF Icon      
SECY-96-077 Certification of Two Evolutionary Designs PDF Icon      
SECY-96-076 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending April 5, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-074 Organization of Agreement States' Request for NRC Support for Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc. Resolution PDF Icon      
SECY-96-073 Proposed NRC Bulletin Titled "Movement of Heavy Loads over Spent Fuel, over Fuel in the Reactor Core, or over Safety-Related Equipment" PDF Icon      
SECY-96-072 Litigation Report - 1996 - 3 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-071 Issuance of Decommissioning Order to Portland General Electric Company Approving Trojan Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Plan PDF Icon      
SECY-96-070 Status of Action Plan for Regulating Fuel Cycle Facilities PDF Icon      
SECY-96-069 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending March 29, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-068 Status of the Staff's Review of Advanced Reactor Designs PDF Icon      
SECY-96-065 Litigation Report - 1996 - 2 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-064 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending March 22, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-063 NRC Actions to Meet the Inspector General's Recommendations on the Reporting Requirements under 10 CFR Part 21 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-061 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending March 15, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-060 Final Amendments to 10 CFR Part 50 Relating to the Frequency of Emergency Planning Exercises at Nuclear Power Plants PDF Icon      
SECY-96-059 Activities Associated with the Implementation of 10 CFR Part 54 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-058 Memorandum of Understanding Between the Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission PDF Icon      
SECY-96-057 Relocation of Emergency Operations Facility for Susquehanna Steam Electric Station PDF Icon      
SECY-96-056 Policy Statement, "Freedom of Employees in the Nuclear Industry to Raise Safety and Compliance Concerns Without Fear of Retaliation" PDF Icon      
SECY-96-055 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending March 8, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-054 Status of Certification of the U. S. Enrichment Corporation's Gaseous Diffusion Plants PDF Icon      
SECY-96-053 Aluminum Company of America Removal from the Site Decommissioning Management Plan PDF Icon      
SECY-96-051 Status of the IPE and IPEEE Programs PDF Icon      
SECY-96-050 To Seek Authorization to Accept Relinquishment of Sealed Source and Device Evaluation Authority from the Agreement States of Iowa, North Dakota, and Utah PDF Icon      
SECY-96-049 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending March 1, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-045 Commission Policy Statement on Protecting the Identity of Allegers and Confidential Sources PDF Icon      
SECY-96-043 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending February 23, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-041 Litigation Report - 1996 - 1 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-038 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending February 16, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-037 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending February 9, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-036 Status of NRC Research Conducted by the Russian Research Center (I.V. Kurchatov Institute) and the Institute of Nuclear Safety of the Russian Academy of Sciences PDF Icon      
SECY-96-035 Final Rulemaking on "Environmental Review for Renewal of Nuclear Power Plant Operating Licenses," 10 CFR Part 51 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-034 Proposed Rulemaking Activity Plan PDF Icon      
SECY-96-032 Charter of the Committee to Review Generic Requirements (CRGR) - (Proposed Revision 6) PDF Icon      
SECY-96-030 Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Nuclear Power Reactor Decommissioning Financial Assurance Implementation Requirements PDF Icon      
SECY-96-029 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending February 2, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-028 Two Issues for Design Certification Rules PDF Icon      
SECY-96-027 Evaluation of Issues Necessary to Determine the Feasibility of Licensing, and Level of Involvement In, the Department of Energy Proposed High-Level Radioactive Waste Solidification Systems PDF Icon      
SECY-96-026 Annual Status Report on the Administration of NRC'S Requalification Program and Initial Operator Licensing Examinations (WITS 8800098) PDF Icon      
SECY-96-024 Semiannual Status Report on the Implementation of Regulatory Review Group Recommendations PDF Icon      
SECY-96-022 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending January 26, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-020 Licensing Support System Program Administration - Semiannual Report PDF Icon      
SECY-96-019 Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 - Readiness to Receive a Full-Power Operating License PDF Icon      
SECY-96-018 Proposed Staff Actions for Analysis of Institute of Medicine Report, "Radiation in Medicine: A Need for Regulatory Reform" PDF Icon      
SECY-96-017 Changes to the Deliberate Misconduct Rule, 10 CFR Parts 30.10, 40.10, 50.5, 60.11, 61.9b, 70.10, 72.12, 76.10, 110.7b, 150.2 and Part 71 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-016 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending January 19, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-015 Staff Actions Regarding Operation of Millstone Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-014 Litigation Report as of January 22, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-013 Annual Report on Commission Adjudication PDF Icon      
SECY-96-012 Weekly Information Report - for the Weeks Ending January 5 and January 12, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-010 Proposed NRC Generic Letter Titled "Relocation of the Pressure Temperature Limit Curves and Low Temperature Overpressure Protection System Limits" PDF Icon      
SECY-96-009 NRC Generic Letter Titled "Reconsideration of Nuclear Power Plant Security Requirements Associated with an Internal Threat" PDF Icon      
SECY-96-008 Status of NRC Assistance to the Department of Energy on Regulatory Plans for Plutonium Disposition Alternatives PDF Icon      
SECY-96-007 Status of Activities Related to Revisions to 10 CFR Part 70, "Domestic Licensing of Special Nuclear Material" PDF Icon      
SECY-96-006 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending December 29, 1995 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-005 Systematic Assessment of Licensee Performance PDF Icon      
SECY-96-004 Proposed NRC Generic Letter 89-10, Supplement 7, "Consideration of Valve Mispositioning in Pressurized-Water Reactors" (TAC No. M82072) PDF Icon      
SECY-96-001 Approval of Decommissioning Plan and Amendment of License for Indian Point Unit 1, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. PDF Icon      
COMSECY-96-066 Research (DSI 22)   PDF Icon    
COMSECY-96-063 Strategic Assessment Issue Paper: Public Communications Initiatives (DSI 14)   PDF Icon    
COMSECY-96-061 Risk-Informed, Performance-Based Regulation (DSI 12)   PDF Icon    
COMSECY-96-058 Decommissioning - non Reactor Facilities, (DSI 9)   PDF Icon    
COMSECY-96-057 Materials/Medical Oversight (DSI 7)   PDF Icon    

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