United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Combined Index of Related Commission Documents for 1996

Secy No. Description SECY Paper SRM CVR Transcript
SECY-96-267 Fire Protection Functional Inspection Program PDF Icon      
SECY-96-218 Quarterly Status Update for the Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) Implementation Plan, Including a Discussion of Four Emerging Policy Issues Associated with Risk-Informed Performance-Based Regulation PDF Icon PDF Icon    
SECY-96-200 Updated Status of the NRC Recycle and Reuse Rulemaking Plan PDF Icon      
SECY-96-193 Abnormal Occurrence Reports: Implementation of Section 208 Energy Reorganization Act of 1974; Final Policy   PDF Icon    
SECY-96-191 Status of the Maintenance Rule PDF Icon      
SECY-96-187 Policy Issues Raised In Meeting with Prairie Island Dakota Indian Representatives PDF Icon PDF Icon    
SECY-96-134 Options for Pursiung Regulatory Improvement in Fire Protection Regulations for Nuclear Power Plants PDF Icon      
SECY-96-133 Litigation Report - 1996 - 5 PDF Icon      
SECY 96-131 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending June 14, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-130 Removal of Frome Investment Company (Brooks & Perkins Corporation) Site from the Site Decommissioning Management Plan PDF Icon      
SECY-96-129 Administrative Letter on Licensee Responsibilities Related to Financial Qualifications and Associated Forwarding Letter PDF Icon      
SECY-96-128 Policy and Key Technical Issues Pertaining to the Westinghouse AP600 Standardized Passive Reactor Design PDF Icon      
SECY-96-125 NRC Plans to Participate in the OECD Halden Reactor Project During 1997-1999 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-123 Proposed Changes to the NRC Operator Licensing Program PDF Icon PDF Icon    
SECY-96-122 Proposed NRC Generic Letter Titled "Boraflex Degradation in Spent Fuel Pool Storage Racks" PDF Icon      
SECY 96-121 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending May 31, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-120 Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Refocused Prelicensing High-Level Waste Repository Program PDF Icon      
SECY-96-119 Response to Public Comments on Draft Regulatory Guide, "Topical Guidelines for the Licensing Support System" (DG-3009) and Corresponding Revisions to the Regulatory Guide PDF Icon      
SECY-96-118 Amendments to 10 CFR Parts 50, 52, and 100, and Issuance of a New Appendix S to Part 50 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-117 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending May 24, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-115 Proposed Staff Response to Prior Notification of Additional Planned Activities at the Yankee Nuclear Power Station PDF Icon      
SECY-96-114 Proposed License to Export Major Reactor Components (XR164) and Special Nuclear Material (XSNM02858) to Colombia PDF Icon      
SECY-96-113 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending May 17, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-112 Ten-year License Terms for Uranium Recovery Licensees PDF Icon      
SECY-96-111 Litigation Report - 1996 - 4 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-110 Completion of Response to the Staff Requirements Memorandum, for SECY-95-249, on Risk Harmonization White Paper and Recommendations by the Interagency Steering Committee on Radiation Standards PDF Icon      
SECY-96-108 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending May 10, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-107 Uniform Tracking of Agency Generic Technical Issues PDF Icon      
SECY-96-106 Staff's Proposal for License Termination for Schott Glass Technologies, Incorporated, Duryea, Pennsylvania, and Removal of the Site from the Site Decommissioning Management Plan PDF Icon      
SECY-96-105 Rulemaking Plan for Amendments to 10 CFR 73.55, Changes to Nuclear Power Plant Security Requirements PDF Icon      
SECY-96-103 Regulatory Issues in Low-Level Radioactive Waste Performance Assessment PDF Icon      
SECY-96-100 Final Amendments to 10 CFR Parts 20 and 35 on Criteria for the Release of Individuals Administered Radioactive Material PDF Icon      
SECY-96-099 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending May 3, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-098 Final Policy Statement - Conversion to the Metric System PDF Icon      
SECY-96-094 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending April 26, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-093 Guidance for Senior Management Meeting and Plant Evaluation Processes PDF Icon      
SECY-96-092 Progress of Resolution of Generic Safety Issues PDF Icon      
SECY-96-091 Rulemaking Plan: Self-Guarantee for Non-Profit and Non-Bond Issuing Licensees PDF Icon      
SECY-96-090 Standard Review Plan Update and Development Program PDF Icon      
SECY-96-089 Comparison of Costs of Generic Requirements Estimated by the NRC with Those Estimated by Industry; Staff Effort Expended on Generic Activities PDF Icon      
SECY-96-088 Status of the Integration Plan for Closure of Severe Accident Issues and the Status of Severe Accident Research PDF Icon      
SECY-96-087 Proposed NRC Bulletin Titled "Potential Plugging of Emergency-Core Suction Cooling Strainers by Debris in Boiling-Water Reactors" PDF Icon      
SECY-96-086 Final Rulemaking - Revision to 10 CFR Parts 2, 50, and 51, Related to Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Reactors PDF Icon      
SECY-96-085 NRC'S Drug Testing Program PDF Icon      
SECY-96-084 Annual Report on the Status of Prematurely Shutdown Plants PDF Icon      
SECY-96-083 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending April 19, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-082 EPA Proposed Rule and Scheduling Issues Related to Preparation of a Final Rule on Radiological Criteria for License Termination   PDF Icon    
SECY-96-081 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending April 12, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-080 Issuance of Final Amendment to 10 CFR 50.55a to Incorporate by Reference the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (ASME Code), Section XI, Division 1, Subsection IWE and Subsection IWL PDF Icon      
SECY-96-079 Alternatives for Regulating Fuel Cycle Facilities PDF Icon PDF Icon    
SECY-96-078 Withdrawal of Proposed Amendments to 10 CFR 150.15, Reasserting NRC'S Authority for Approving Onsite Low-Level Waste Disposal in Agreement States PDF Icon      
SECY-96-077 Certification of Two Evolutionary Designs PDF Icon      
SECY-96-076 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending April 5, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-074 Organization of Agreement States' Request for NRC Support for Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc. Resolution PDF Icon      
SECY-96-073 Proposed NRC Bulletin Titled "Movement of Heavy Loads over Spent Fuel, over Fuel in the Reactor Core, or over Safety-Related Equipment" PDF Icon      
SECY-96-072 Litigation Report - 1996 - 3 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-071 Issuance of Decommissioning Order to Portland General Electric Company Approving Trojan Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Plan PDF Icon      
SECY-96-070 Status of Action Plan for Regulating Fuel Cycle Facilities PDF Icon      
SECY-96-069 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending March 29, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-068 Status of the Staff's Review of Advanced Reactor Designs PDF Icon      
SECY-96-065 Litigation Report - 1996 - 2 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-064 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending March 22, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-063 NRC Actions to Meet the Inspector General's Recommendations on the Reporting Requirements under 10 CFR Part 21 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-061 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending March 15, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-060 Final Amendments to 10 CFR Part 50 Relating to the Frequency of Emergency Planning Exercises at Nuclear Power Plants PDF Icon      
SECY-96-059 Activities Associated with the Implementation of 10 CFR Part 54 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-058 Memorandum of Understanding Between the Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission PDF Icon      
SECY-96-057 Relocation of Emergency Operations Facility for Susquehanna Steam Electric Station PDF Icon      
SECY-96-056 Policy Statement, "Freedom of Employees in the Nuclear Industry to Raise Safety and Compliance Concerns Without Fear of Retaliation" PDF Icon      
SECY-96-055 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending March 8, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-054 Status of Certification of the U. S. Enrichment Corporation's Gaseous Diffusion Plants PDF Icon      
SECY-96-053 Aluminum Company of America Removal from the Site Decommissioning Management Plan PDF Icon      
SECY-96-051 Status of the IPE and IPEEE Programs PDF Icon      
SECY-96-050 To Seek Authorization to Accept Relinquishment of Sealed Source and Device Evaluation Authority from the Agreement States of Iowa, North Dakota, and Utah PDF Icon      
SECY-96-049 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending March 1, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-045 Commission Policy Statement on Protecting the Identity of Allegers and Confidential Sources PDF Icon      
SECY-96-043 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending February 23, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-041 Litigation Report - 1996 - 1 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-038 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending February 16, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-037 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending February 9, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-036 Status of NRC Research Conducted by the Russian Research Center (I.V. Kurchatov Institute) and the Institute of Nuclear Safety of the Russian Academy of Sciences PDF Icon      
SECY-96-035 Final Rulemaking on "Environmental Review for Renewal of Nuclear Power Plant Operating Licenses," 10 CFR Part 51 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-034 Proposed Rulemaking Activity Plan PDF Icon      
SECY-96-032 Charter of the Committee to Review Generic Requirements (CRGR) - (Proposed Revision 6) PDF Icon      
SECY-96-030 Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Nuclear Power Reactor Decommissioning Financial Assurance Implementation Requirements PDF Icon      
SECY-96-029 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending February 2, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-028 Two Issues for Design Certification Rules PDF Icon      
SECY-96-027 Evaluation of Issues Necessary to Determine the Feasibility of Licensing, and Level of Involvement In, the Department of Energy Proposed High-Level Radioactive Waste Solidification Systems PDF Icon      
SECY-96-026 Annual Status Report on the Administration of NRC'S Requalification Program and Initial Operator Licensing Examinations (WITS 8800098) PDF Icon      
SECY-96-024 Semiannual Status Report on the Implementation of Regulatory Review Group Recommendations PDF Icon      
SECY-96-022 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending January 26, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-020 Licensing Support System Program Administration - Semiannual Report PDF Icon      
SECY-96-019 Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 - Readiness to Receive a Full-Power Operating License PDF Icon      
SECY-96-018 Proposed Staff Actions for Analysis of Institute of Medicine Report, "Radiation in Medicine: A Need for Regulatory Reform" PDF Icon      
SECY-96-017 Changes to the Deliberate Misconduct Rule, 10 CFR Parts 30.10, 40.10, 50.5, 60.11, 61.9b, 70.10, 72.12, 76.10, 110.7b, 150.2 and Part 71 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-016 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending January 19, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-015 Staff Actions Regarding Operation of Millstone Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-014 Litigation Report as of January 22, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-013 Annual Report on Commission Adjudication PDF Icon      
SECY-96-012 Weekly Information Report - for the Weeks Ending January 5 and January 12, 1996 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-010 Proposed NRC Generic Letter Titled "Relocation of the Pressure Temperature Limit Curves and Low Temperature Overpressure Protection System Limits" PDF Icon      
SECY-96-009 NRC Generic Letter Titled "Reconsideration of Nuclear Power Plant Security Requirements Associated with an Internal Threat" PDF Icon      
SECY-96-008 Status of NRC Assistance to the Department of Energy on Regulatory Plans for Plutonium Disposition Alternatives PDF Icon      
SECY-96-007 Status of Activities Related to Revisions to 10 CFR Part 70, "Domestic Licensing of Special Nuclear Material" PDF Icon      
SECY-96-006 Weekly Information Report - Week Ending December 29, 1995 PDF Icon      
SECY-96-005 Systematic Assessment of Licensee Performance PDF Icon      
SECY-96-004 Proposed NRC Generic Letter 89-10, Supplement 7, "Consideration of Valve Mispositioning in Pressurized-Water Reactors" (TAC No. M82072) PDF Icon      
SECY-96-001 Approval of Decommissioning Plan and Amendment of License for Indian Point Unit 1, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. PDF Icon      
COMSECY-96-066 Research (DSI 22)   PDF Icon    
COMSECY-96-063 Strategic Assessment Issue Paper: Public Communications Initiatives (DSI 14)   PDF Icon    
COMSECY-96-061 Risk-Informed, Performance-Based Regulation (DSI 12)   PDF Icon    
COMSECY-96-058 Decommissioning - non Reactor Facilities, (DSI 9)   PDF Icon    
COMSECY-96-057 Materials/Medical Oversight (DSI 7)   PDF Icon    


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