Student Activities

The NRC supports student-focused events such as science fairs and educational programs encouraging and honoring aspiring scientists who may one day make valuable contributions in the nuclear field. These events, under the NRC & Your Community program, focus on the people and the everyday dedication and commitment of NRC employees. They help our community and potentially enhance our future science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce.  

Watch these presentations to learn more about STEM students.

  • 2023 Montgomery County Science Fair (Maryland)

Behavioral Science: Effector-independence in Object Manipulation Actions for Individuals with Dysplasia Computer Science: Reducing Residential Energy Consumption and Improving Grid Efficiency through Blockchain-Based Incentives
Chemistry: Highly Electrically Conductive Biomass-derived Carbon Fibers Engineering: Designing a Neural Network Architecture to Assess Seismic Vulnerabilities of Buildings at a Large Scale
Biology: Investigating Chemotherapy Dose-dependent Metabolic Changes in Cancer Cells through Computational Modeling and Experimental Validation Physics:  Ice Clouds Near the Edge of the Earth’s Space: Are they caused by human-made pollution?
Math: An Application of the Win Ratio Statistical Method for Analysis of Composite Endpoints in a Clinical Trial