Student Activities

The NRC supports student-focused events such as science fairs and educational programs encouraging and honoring aspiring scientists who may one day make valuable contributions in the nuclear field. These events, under the NRC & Your Community program, focus on the people and the everyday dedication and commitment of NRC employees. They help our community and potentially enhance our future science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce.  

Watch these presentations to learn more about STEM students.

  • 2022 Montgomery County Science Fair

Physics: Jihwan Kim and Jiwon Kim - Machine Learning Approach to Approximate Many Body Ground State Energies Engineering: Akiva Rosenzweig - Developing Feedback Control Loop to Maintain Stability of Inverted Pendulum
Chemistry: Ahil Thendral - Grid Iron Battery Behavioral Social Sciences: Pratyusha Mandal - The Effect of COVID-19 on the Attention Span and Information Retention of Students, Wongel Gebru , Renita Santhoshkumar
Biology: Akshya Mahadevan - How to save the world: Step One  

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