A Week at the NRC (AWeek) Program

A blue graduation cap with the words 'A WEEK AT THE NRC' written underneath in blue font

AWeek: Discover the World of Nuclear Regulation

Welcome to A Week at the NRC (AWeek) Program, a four-day educational opportunity designed for high school students. Our program aims to provide qualified students with a comprehensive understanding of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and its crucial role in ensuring the safe use of radioactive materials for civilian purposes.

What is the A Week at the NRC Program?

The AWeek program is an immersive experience that offers high school students the chance to delve into the world of nuclear regulation. Through engaging presentations and activities, students will deepen their knowledge of federal nuclear regulation and gain insights into the diverse range of work conducted at the NRC. Take a look at the program via this video.

Picture of thirteen NRC adult employees and 18 high school students from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Three students in the center of the group are holding large sign with the 'A WEEK AT THE NRC' logo.

Program Schedule

Here's a glimpse of what the program schedule includes:

  1. Interactive Presentations: Engage with NRC experts who will deliver informative presentations on nuclear regulation, safety protocols, and the significance of their work. These interactive sessions will foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

  2. Hands-on Projects: Collaborate with fellow students on practical projects that provide valuable insights into the NRC's responsibilities and challenges. These projects are designed to promote critical thinking skills and reinforce an understanding of nuclear regulation.

  3. Site Visits: Explore NRC facilities and witness the cutting-edge technology and practices employed to ensure the safety and security of radioactive materials. Additionally, visit the University of Maryland for an up-close look at an operating research and test reactor.

Picture of a classroom setting, in the front of the class a male instructor demonstrates the radioactive measurement tool on a female student, while other students look on from their seats. Picture of a classroom setting, equipment models on tables and students engage in hands-on activities to discover each mechanism.
Presentation Topics and Activities From Previous Years
Intro to the NRC
Operations Center Tour
New Reactors
Office of International Programs
Medical Isotopes
Office of the Inspector General
Radiation, Contamination, and Reactor Systems
Nuclear Materials
Atomic Safety Licensing Board Panel & Hearings
Reactor Tour at the University of Maryland – College Park