Standard Review Plans and Associated Review Standards

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has a number of standard review plans (SRPs) for staff use in reviewing proposed licensing actions. These actions may relate to constructing, operating, or decommissioning a nuclear facility or possessing, using, storing, or transporting nuclear materials or waste.

For nuclear power plants, the NRC has a comprehensive standard review plan (NUREG-0800). For other types of licensing actions, the NRC has developed review standards as adjuncts to NUREG-0800 for staff use in reviewing licensing applications for early site permits and power uprates. These review standards reference sections of either NUREG-0800 or the "Standard Review Plan for Environmental Reviews for Nuclear Power Plants" (NUREG-1555). If either of those publications lacks information on a new topic to be reviewed, the staff adds a new section for the topic.

See also Interim Staff Guidance.

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Final Standard Review Plans and Standards

NUREG-0800 Review of Safety Analysis Reports for Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG-1021 Operator Licensing Examination Standards for Power Reactors
Revision 2
Operator Licensing Examiner Standards for Research and Test Reactors
NUREG-1520 Review of a License Application for a Fuel Cycle Facility
NUREG-1536 Dry Cask Storage Systems
NUREG-1537, Parts 1 & 2 Research and Test Reactors Guidance Documents
NUREG-1555 Environmental Reviews for Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG-1556 Consolidated Guidance About Materials Licenses
NUREG-1567 Spent Fuel Dry Storage Facilities
Revision 1
In Situ Leach Uranium Extraction License Applications
NUREG-1574 Standard Review Plan on Transfer and Amendment of Antitrust License Conditions and Antitrust Enforcement
NUREG-1577 Power Reactor Licensee Financial Qualifications and Decommissioning Funding Assurance
NUREG-1609 Transportation Packages for Radioactive Material
NUREG-1617 Transportation Packages for Spent Nuclear Fuel
NUREG-1620 Review of a Reclamation Plan for Mill Tailings Sites under Title II of the Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act
NUREG-1700 Evaluating Nuclear Power Reactor License Termination Plans
NUREG-1702 Standard Review Plan for the Review of a License Application for the Tank Waste Remediation System Privatization (TWRS-P) Project
NUREG-1713 Standard Review Plan for Decommissioning Cost Estimates for Nuclear Power Reactors
NUREG-1718 Review for a Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility
NUREG-1727 NMSS Decommissioning
NUREG-1800 License Renewal Applications for Nuclear Power Plants
NUREG-1804 Yucca Mountain Review Plan
NUREG/CR-6668 Standard Review Plan for Training and Qualifications Plans for Security Personnel at Category I Fuel Facilities

Draft Standard Review Plans and Standards

The NRC issues draft standard review plans and review standards as Draft NUREG-Series Publications for Comment.

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